1999 CPEO Brownfields List Archive

From: Tony Chenhansa <cpeo@cpeo.org>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 13:36:55 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: [CPEO-BIF] New Bronwfields Internet Forum (BIF) Features
Hello Everyone,

As you may have noticed CPEO has changed Internet Service Providers for 
our Brownfields Internet Forum (BIF).  As we go through this transition 
please let us know if you encounter any problems and we'll do our best 
to solve them.   

Although we've already explained some of the new features of the Topica 
listserve we would like to emphasize the following because people in the 
past have asked us for these features.

*  You can receive messages one of two ways: 
1) Individually - messages sent to your email each time one is posted
2) Digest - messages grouped together and sent as one email once a day. 
The digest option can be enabled with an email to <cpeo@cpeo.org> and 
indicate that you'd like to receive digests. 

* For those who travel a lot and don't want to deal with going through 
mass emails when you return, you can have your subscription turned "off" 
temporarily without unsubscribing from the list. Please send your 
request to be turned "off" to <cpeo@cpeo.org> and when you are ready to 
receive emails again please send a request to cpeo@cpeo.org to be turned 

* Messages from <cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com> will contain 
[CPEO-BIF] at the beginning of each subject header. This will help you 
distinguish personal incoming messages versus messages that come from 
the Forum.

IMPORTANT: If you want to post a response to a message, then you should 
reply to <cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com> and it will go out to the 
entire listserve. If you want to respond to the creator of the message, 
then you should key in the individual's e-mail address, instead.

We hope you enjoy using these new features. Thank you for your patience.

For more on CPEO and other services browse http://www.cpeo.org/lists/brownfields

If this email has been forwarded to you and you'd like to subscribe, please send a message to cpeo-brownfields-subscribe@igc.topica.com 

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