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Welcome to the Center for Public Environmental Oversight's (CPEO)
Brownfields Internet Forum. The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide a
forum where all stakeholders can discuss the multi-faceted issues
surrounding brownfields, including related subjects such as Superfund,
sprawl, open space, and environmental justice. This newsgroup is designed
as a public forum for people to express their opinions, post information,
share successes and setbacks, ask questions, and just plain discuss ideas.

CPEO moderates the Brownfields Internet Forum to ensure that all postings
are relevant, that copyrights are not violated, and that messages are
suitable for distribution.

Here's how the process works:

1. You send a text message to <cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com>. Please do
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2. We quickly review the message.

If the message meets newsgroup criteria, we send it to the entire list. You
are free to forward any message you receive from us.

* If the message is not relevant to the Forum, we return it with an
explanation. If you think we're wrong, let us know why, and we'll reconsider.

* If the message seems to be directed to an individual who has previously
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the entire list.

* If you submit copyrighted material, we will ask you 1) to write a summary
of the article or report or 2) to post the title, author, date, and one or
two paragraphs of text. If available please provide a Web link to the full

* If your message includes personal attacks or language that we think our
readers may find offensive, we will ask you to revise it. If you insist on
including the material, we will probably post it with a disclaimer.

3. If you want to post a response to a message, then you should reply to
<cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com> and it will go out to the entire
listserve. If you want to respond to the creator of the message, then you
should key in the individual's e-mail address, instead.

If you no longer want to receive messages from the Brownfields Internet
Forum cpeo-brownfields-unsubscribe@igc.topica.com 

Brownfields Basics

What are Brownfields?

Answer: When discussing brownfields most newsgroup participants will use
the Environmental Protection Agency's definition of Brownfields, which is
"abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where
expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived
environmental contamination." These are not limited to properties being
addressed through the brownfields programs of EPA and other federal
agencies. They may include petroleum-only sites, Superfund sites, and
federal facilities, even though those do not qualify for EPA's brownfields

Typically, brownfields projects are financed by local agencies,
non-profits, or the private sector. Land use is governed by local
governments. State or tribal regulators oversee cleanup.

How many are there?

Answer: The US General Accounting Office estimates the number of
contaminated sites to be about 450,000 nationally, which also includes
abandoned and/or underutilized warehouses, gas stations, and factories.

Who are "stakeholders"?

Answer: Stakeholders generally refer to anyone with a "stake" in a property
or project. They include residents, property owners, developers, bankers,
local government officials, environmental regulators, etc. We use the term
"public stakeholders" to refer to members of communities in which
brownfields are located - that is, people who normally live, work, study,
or play on or near the brownfields property.

What is the US EPA Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative?

Answer: The mission of the Brownfields Initiative, which was started in
1995, is to "  empower States, communities, and other stakeholders in
economic development to work together in a timely manner to prevent,
assess, safely clean up, and sustainably reuse brownfields." Some Projects
and Initiative programs are the Assessment Pilots, Showcase Communities,
the Revolving Loan Fund, National Conferences, and the Job Training
Initiative. For more information about
EPA's programs visit http://www.epa.gov/brownfields.

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