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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields: Turning bad spaces into good ones"

Brownfields: Turning bad spaces into good ones
How communities can get involved

A 10 page booklet published both in Spanish and English and a Power Point
presentation designed for Rhode Island communities can be found at:

The brochure provides a good intro for residents who are interested in
participating in the Brownfields redevelopment process.

The booklet covers the following questions/topics.

What is a Brownfield?
Standards for chemicals: how much is too much?
What is Risk?
You can get involved
What to expect during cleanup
Take action: write Letters
Take action: make phone calls
Where to call or write

The Project Partners

Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry
RI Dept. of Health, Office of Environmental Health Risk Assessment
Brown University
The Providence Plan
University of Rhode Island

For additional questions about this project contact

Christina Zarcadoolas
Assistant Professor
Brown University

Jane Sherman
Project Director
Woonasquatucket River Greenway
The Providence Plan

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