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From: borderlands@igc.org
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 15:59:02 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Beryllium information request
4 May, 2000

We are a small non-profit collective in Tucson, Arizona who work to
help community groups address brownfields concerns.
We are in immediate need of information help concerning testing for
the presence of beryllium in soils.
A manufacturer, Brush-Wellman is releasing beryllium oxide into the
atmosphere under permit.  Within 3000 feet of the release are 5
schools (a high school, a middle school and three elementary schools).
There has been no soils testing on the schoolgrounds to tell whether
or not beryllium is a contaminate.

We are looking for a valid protocol for soils testing for BeO
(beryllium oxide).  What meaningful tests can we push for?

We are looking for a valid method for telling fresh contaminate from
inert background levels.  Present determination of =93background=94 levels
are referenced to NURE (National Uranium Resource Evaluation,
Hydro-geo-chemical & Stream Sediment Reconnaissance) data which we
think might be inaccurate.

We are looking for a reference to a reliable test lab to send samples

We are looking for a partner who can advise us with direction.

Presently Brush-Wellman is allowed to release about a pound of BeO
into the city air per year.  The permit for this release is up for
renewal and is now in the 30-day comment period.  We assume ANY
release of beryllium is toxic to the local residents (mainly poor

In 1994 Brush-Wellman had a self-reported major =93upset=94 =AD a release=
BeO.  No offsite soil sampling was done until 1999, and then there is
serious reason to question the findings of the testing.

We would like to establish who has been exposed, when, and by how
Any information on this subject would be gratefully received!
Please contact us via email or telephone:  borderlands@igc.org
520-327-0410 or 520-327-4058.
We are deeply appreciative of the work that CPEO has done and is
doing, and grateful for this wonderful listserv!  Thank you CPEO!

Jake Elkins
Pat Malchow
Jake Elkins, member of
Sustainable Borderlands Planning, Inc.,
a non-profit corporation.
1309 E. Lee St., Tucson, AZ  85719
(520)  327-0410
             Speak the truth, and ride a fast horse.
                                          ~Old cowboy saying~
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