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General questions are, perhaps, not so helpful here.  The answer to 
the questions Peter Strauss poses is "It depends."  It depends on 
the nature of the reuse (not just the category of use); the ability to 
break up the land area in question into areas where contamination 
is not present or areas where cleanup can reduce contamination to 
where it poses acceptable (standards and community acceptability) 
risks and other areas that may need to have use limits and other 
exposure limitations.  State and federal risk standards provide the 
guides for cleanup levels that need to be attained for certain uses, and 
those can be obtained from appropriate governmental offices.  
However, creative and flexible design and negotiation approaches - 
that always are protective of human and environmental health and 
are proactively inclusive, can produce wonderful results.
A large number of case examples exist - "greenfielding" is a growing 
practice (pardon the pun).  

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