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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Application of Field-Based Characterization Tools in the Waterfront

Original announcement is from EPA's TechDirect mailing list
TechDirect, June 1, 2000

Application of Field-Based Characterization Tools in the Waterfront
Voluntary Setting.  This report was developed by Brian Pietruszewski, a
National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellow under grant to
EPA. Voluntary action to redevelop potentially contaminated property
operates under vastly different market constraints than mandated corrective
action programs. Pressures exist that impact the time scale, cost/benefit
ratio, priorities, and resources that allow the action to transpire.
Non-market pressures, usually in the form of regulation, also affect
decisions over the course of redevelopment. Together, these forces also
determine the technologies and methods used to characterize the property,
as well as the media sampled. This report will investigate the reasons
behind that and detail the current level of field-based characterization
tool application at 115 waterfront brownfield and Voluntary Cleanup Program
(VCP) sites [December 1999, 67 pages].  

View or download at http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm .  For hard copy,
contact (800) 490-9198 or (513) 489-8190 or fax to (513) 489-8695.
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