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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Jackson Steel VOC contamination
Jackson Steel Cleanup Designed 
But There May Not Be Funding 

By Joe Rizza 
Mineola American (NY)
September 3, 2004

The Jackson Steel Superfund site, which includes a parcel of property
located at 435 First Street in Mineola, needs a clean-up, but is there
enough funding for it? 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a public
meeting on Aug. 10 at Mineola Village Hall to report on the results of
the remedial investigation and feasibility study of the Jackson Steel
site and discuss a proposed remedy. 

Location of Jackson Steel 

(Taken from the EPA's proposed plan) 

The Jackson Steel site building is currently inactive and predominantly
empty, except for miscellaneous small equipment and supplies abandoned
by interim tenants of the building. 


In January 2002, test results from air testing from the Tutor Time
Daycare Center, Jackson Steel and a restaurant located adjacent to the
site indicated that PCE levels in the indoor air of several room in the
daycare facility were above the New York State Health Department's
guideline for indoor PCE exposure. In addition, the maximum level
exceeded EPA's acceptable non-cancer risk level. Low levels of PCE were
detected in air samples from the Jackson Steel building and the


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