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Hi folks,
A voice from across the pond - in Europe the sort of sites Lawrence describes WOULD be brownfields and fixing the underlying socio-economic problems are what publc funding is all about. FOr the worst chemically contaminated sites we have legislation similar to CERCLA that will protect human health and the environment for either ongoing or changes in land use.
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I suspect that the Michigan brownfield bond fund would not be running out of money if a more reasonable definition of brownfield site was used. Based on news articles earlier this year that Lenny has been so kind to forward to the listserve, It seems that any under-utilized building including an old dormitory building qualifies as a brownfield.
Not every dilapidated building that has asbestos, lead-based paint or even an old UST should necessarily be considered a brownfield site. Seems to me that in states with limited funds, brownfield programs should not be used to fix what is often times an underlying economic problem.
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