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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 19:04:28 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Willets Point, Queens, New York support
Willets Point Project Foes Reach Deal With the City

New York Times
November 12, 2008

Two of the leading opponents of the Willets Point redevelopment project in Queens came out in favor of the plan on Wednesday, after they reached a critical deal with the city over the number of homes for low-income families that will be built at the site.

The agreement calls for more than 800 homes for families earning less than $38,400 a year and essentially paves the way for the project's approval by the City Council on Thursday. The agreement is a major political victory for one of the opponents, Councilman Hiram Monserrate, and for the Bloomberg administration, which spent considerable time and money in recent weeks to arrange support for the plan.

"This is a project for the people," said Councilman Monserrate, who represents a district that includes Willets Point, a 62-acre expanse of auto body shops, junkyards and manufacturers on unpaved roads near Shea Stadium. "Everybody wins," he said.


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