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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] St. Croix Prep, Baytown Township, Minnesoa
Baytown Township / Charter school defends new site
St. Croix Prep plans prompt look at state's third-party lease law

By Megan Boldt
Pioneer Press (MN)
November 11, 2008

As the $21 million St. Croix Preparatory Academy goes up in Baytown Township, some St. Croix Valley residents are concerned.

The site of the charter school is an area known to be contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical, and some question why there was little public discussion or review before ground was broken.

Bayport resident David Beck said it seems charter schools and traditional public schools have two different sets of rules, though taxpayers fund both. He argues that if the Stillwater school district had proposed a bond referendum to build on that site, it would have to undergo much more scrutiny and public discourse.

"What's going to happen if (the school) doesn't get used?" Beck said. "There's going to be a $21 million asset in the ground, and nobody is talking about it."


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