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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Central Elementary School, Ottawa, Illinois
Central may not reopen

Melissa Garzanelli
Ottawa Times (IL)
November 18, 2008

A series of tests for contaminants may determine whether or not Central Elementary School will reopen.

The immediate focus of school officials, the district architect and city building officials was to determine if the building was sound following flooding in September. Now, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency mandates testing be done to see if the building is contaminated.


The building also was potentially contaminated by a nearby brownfield. Since the water that flooded the building came primarily from the water table, not the river, the contaminants in the brownfield may have leeched into the building.

Another concern is the asbestos insulation surrounding pipes in the crawl space. With water flooding the crawl space, that asbestos may have leaked into the water and contaminated the rest of the building.


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