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Lenny-the dialogue has been interesting. We should very soon have our political management in place. I will put your suggestion at the top of my list to discuss and we'll see if we can organize a gathering to talk through some of the issues face to face.   Thanks-  Dave

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Bill Walsh wrote,

The original thrust of brownfields was not to clean up Brownfields
sites, but to separate new development from liability and allow the new
developer to proceed with an economically beneficial endeavor.

The All Appropriate Inquiries Negotiated Rulemaking Committee often compared ourselves to the Six Blind Men and the Elephant. For those who don't remember their early education, this is a story (poem?) that illustrates that where one stands depends upon where one sits.

Some people think the primary purpose of brownfields programs is liability relief. Some think it's primarily property redevelopment. Some think it's neighborhood revitalization. To others, it's environmental cleanup. And yet others see it as an opportunity to practice their professional skills.

I believe that we can develop brownfields policies that serve all those goals. That is, we don't all have agree which of those objectives is most important to work together to devise win-win brownfields strategies.

I therefore propose that U.S. EPA convene a multi-stakeholder dialogue to review the universe of cleanup programs to figure how to improve disclosure and environmental response while still rewarding those who seek to combine cleanup and redevelopment.


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