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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Toxic vapors in Westport, Baltimore, Maryland
State tackling toxic vapor problems in Westport
MDE to add ventilation systems in three homes, treat ground water

By Timothy B. Wheeler
Baltimore Sun (MD)
July 29, 2009

Ventilation systems are being installed by the state in three homes in Baltimore's Westport neighborhood, according to state officials, after tests found toxic vapors seeping into the dwellings from long-abandoned industrial sites nearby that had been the focus of an emergency hazardous-waste cleanup decades ago.

In addition, said James Carroll of the Maryland Department of the Environment, efforts are under way to treat potentially cancer-causing solvents in the ground water beneath the former Chemical Metals Industries sites, which officials believe are the source of the toxic vapors getting into homes.

State and federal officials met Tuesday night with residents and community leaders of the southern Baltimore neighborhood to explain their response to the problem. Residents complained after the meeting that they had been unaware of the lingering contamination until it was reported last week in the Baltimore City Paper.


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