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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Rahway, New Jersey arts development
Rahway hopes brownfields money will kickstart new arts development

By Eliot Caroom
Newark Star-Ledger (NJ)
November 1, 2009

RAHWAY -- In Rahway, where an ambitious development agenda was slowed by the recession, city officials say new state money for environmental cleanups could jump-start nine downtown projects.

When the state designated properties in six municipalities as new brownfield development areas, Rahway was on the list, one of 31 towns throughout the state eligible for $5 million each year for cleanups. The goal of the program, beyond remediating polluted ground, is to revitalize communities.

The brownfield designations in Rahway cover nine downtown sites along the Rahway River, including land that was at various times home to a factory for Wheatena Cereal, a welding business and a gas station. Another site had served as an auto garage and an industrial dry-cleaning business.


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