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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] "What does redevelopment mean in San Francisco?"
Arc Ecology
February 1, 2011

Arc Ecology Initiates City Wide Discussion on Role of Redevelopment in San Francisco

Since his inauguration, Governor Edmund G Brown has initiated a statewide debate challenging the very necessity of redevelopment in the State of California.

"In recent days, a lot has been made of the proposed elimination of redevelopment agencies. Mayors from cities both large and small have come to the capitol and pressed their case that redevelopment is different from child care, university funding or grants to the aged, disabled and blind.

They base their case on the claim that redevelopment funds leverage other funds and create jobs. I certainly understand this because I saw redevelopment first hand as mayor of Oakland. But I also understand that redevelopment funds come directly from local property taxes that would otherwise pay for schools and core city and county services such as police and fire protection and care for the most vulnerable people in our society."
---Governor Edmund G. Brown, State of the State Address

Over the last two years, Arc Ecology has also raised questions about redevelopment; first with our critique of the Candlestick Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment Plan and now Treasure Island. Like Governor Brown, at the core of our concern is whether redevelopment has been demonstrated to provide meaningful improvements in the communities it impacts.

"For decades San Franciscans have complained about the negative impacts of redevelopment. We don't know if we agree with the Governor entirely, but we agree that engaging the public in the debate is essential. Several months back we decided to open a discussion with San Francisco residents about redevelopment, whether it should exist, its mission and practice." Saul Bloom, Executive Director, Arc Ecology

[See http://www.arcecology.org/pdf/ArcEcology_FP_v7-1.pdf for the full page advertisement that will appear in today's edition of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. This is the first of a series of such ads to run in the Guardian. The goal of this piece is to learn what San Franciscans know about the structure of redevelopment in San Francisco. The Bay Guardian was selected because it is a weekly, free to the public, broadly read and distributed. Electronic media will follow.

"We're starting that discussion today. We hope it will help inform the debate over what redevelopment should be and whether it should survive." --- Saul Bloom


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