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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] TCE at mill/mine site, Cotter, Colorado
Lincoln Park/Cotter Community Advisory Group meeting set for Thursday

July 15, 2019 

The Lincoln Park/Cotter Community Advisory Group monthly meeting ...


A TCE plume was detected in 2011 in the groundwater on the mill site and near the former Shadow Hills Golf Club. TCE is a volatile organic compound commonly used in degreasing machinery. The contamination that came from operations on the Cotter site has not been evaluated since 2012. The proposed plan can be viewed at:  https://environmentalrecords.colorado.gov/HPRMWebDrawerHM/RecordView/437279

The long-awaited discussion of the possibility of a deep groundwater path into the coal mines under and near the Uranium mill site was presented by Jim Harrington of Alexco  Environmental and Paul Newman from Colorado Legacy Land. The Wolf Park mine, also known as the Littell mine, was opened in 1908 as the deepest coal mine shaft in Colorado. When Cotter Corporation began in 1958, the company knew that the Wolf Park mine shaft was in the middle of the mill site.


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