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[CPEO-BIF] "A Trump County Confronts the Administration Amid a Rash of Child Cancers" at TCE vapor site Lenny Siegel (01/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "RCSD sues over contaminated St. Paul Street building, " Rochester, New York Lenny Siegel (01/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Putnam Block redevelopment project, downtown Bennington, Vermont Lenny Siegel (01/07/19)

[CPEO-BIF] City-owned lot, downtown Meriden, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (01/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] California "DTSC Orders Battery Recycler Quemetco to Expand Soil Sampling, Clean Up Areas Near City of Industry Facility" Lenny Siegel (01/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Roberts Road Redevelopment Site, Dunkirk, New York Lenny Siegel (01/09/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Highlawn brownfields, Huntington, West Virginia Lenny Siegel (01/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Mystic River Boathouse, Stonington, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (01/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Lewisburg Wholesale building site, Ronceverte, West Virginia Lenny Siegel (01/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Wisconsin takes first step to shield taxpayers from toxic cleanup cost" Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Lawrence [Massachusetts] reborn: A polluted mill town reclaims its future" Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE from Litton site, Springfield, Missouri Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Former Limestone building, Rock Falls, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Howard Hughes to clean up mercury, gas tank from block-sized Seaport lot, " Manhattan, NY Lenny Siegel (01/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Homeowners north of Springfield [Missouri] share TCE test results" Lenny Siegel (01/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Columbus, Georgia wants to clean and redevelop old farmers market site." Lenny Siegel (01/21/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Holland, Michigan housing development Lenny Siegel (01/22/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Vernon [Connecticut] officials still looking for fix of brownfield mill sites" Lenny Siegel (01/23/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Mitchell Corp. site, Cadillac, Michigan Lenny Siegel (01/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Bay City [Michigan] Elks Lodge closes on building for new headquarters" Lenny Siegel (01/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Few Wells Test Positive for TCE" near the Fantastic Caverns, Missouri Lenny Siegel (02/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: Homelessness campaign Lenny Siegel (02/07/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Riverview Brownfield Authority wants cleanup at McLouth [Steel] to stop, violations addressed, " Trenton, Michigan Lenny Siegel (02/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Howard Terminal, Oakland, California Lenny Siegel (02/15/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Holland [MI] approves $2.8M brownfield reimbursement to advance housing plan" Lenny Siegel (02/20/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Farmers’ market planned in former Glenwood Avenue factory," Smyrna, Delaware Lenny Siegel (02/21/19)

[CPEO-BIF] In the absence of funding … Lenny Siegel (02/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "IBM Endicott [New York] cleanup costs mount. One estimate pegs total cost at more than $10M" Lenny Siegel (03/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Redevelopment of environmentally-damaged property has seen steady growth in North Carolina and nationwide." Lenny Siegel (03/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Cadillac, Michigan approves solar garden Lenny Siegel (03/05/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapor intrusion test kit Lenny Siegel (03/07/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Bill to end Tennessee 'brownfield' tax incentive program Lenny Siegel (03/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Shenango China plant, New Castle, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (03/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Water Gremlin May Have Leaked Carcinogen In White Bear [Minnesota] Township For Years" Lenny Siegel (03/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE found in Anaheim, California Lenny Siegel (03/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Ogdensburg [New York] to conduct more contamination testing at old Shade Roller site" Lenny Siegel (03/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "IBM Endicott to get further cleanup from contaminants, New York DEC says" Lenny Siegel (03/14/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Hundreds attend Missouri meeting about TCE Lenny Siegel (03/15/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Minnesota considers banning TCE following emissions problem in White Bear Township" Lenny Siegel (03/15/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "New community solar project in Hartland, VT converts brownfield to brightfield" Lenny Siegel (03/20/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Thoro-Kleen dry cleaners, Georgetown, Delaware Lenny Siegel (03/20/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Cleanup of mercury, gas tank at Seaport [Manhattan, New York] lot draws concerns from neighborhood" Lenny Siegel (03/20/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Air Force Plant 59, Town of Union, New York Lenny Siegel (03/22/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE and PCE in Martinsville, Indiana Lenny Siegel (03/24/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Penn Yan Marine Manufacturing property, Penn Yan, New York Lenny Siegel (03/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] DNR Holds Public Forum for TCE Contamination at Litton Systems Site (MO) Lenny Siegel (03/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Cleanup loan approved for East Chicago [Indiana] senior housing site" Lenny Siegel (03/27/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Chattanooga city [Tennsss to begin strategic cleanup of asbestos-ridden R.L. Stowe Mill site" Lenny Siegel (03/27/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: Support the brownfields appropriations letter Lenny Siegel (03/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Franklin [Indiana] School Buildings Reopen Following Testing For Toxic Chemical" Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Bloomfield, New Jersey "is turning a former glass factory into a waterfront park" Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Wood-treatment site, St. Helens, Oregon Lenny Siegel (04/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Company Aims To Find Source Of Franklin Elementary School Contamination, " Franklin, Indiana Lenny Siegel (04/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "DuPont and Chemours sued by New Jersey over pollution in Pompton Lakes and other sites" Lenny Siegel (04/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] New York "State hires contractor to remove toxic soil from West Side Binghamton properties" Lenny Siegel (04/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Repowering old mines with new [solar] energies in the southwestern United States" Lenny Siegel (04/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Cleanup complete at Cleburn Street Well Superfund Site, " Grand Island, NE Lenny Siegel (04/05/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: Turn toxic land into tremendous assets-your support needed Lenny Siegel (04/09/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Missouri notification bill Lenny Siegel (04/09/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Franklin, Indiana schools to get vapor mitigation systems Lenny Siegel (04/10/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "DNR launches TCE investigation into former electroplating facility in Willard, Mo." Lenny Siegel (04/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Vote on zoning change for polluted DuPont site postponed..." Pompton Lakes, NJ Lenny Siegel (04/12/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE from Nestle decaffeination plant, Ripon, California Lenny Siegel (04/12/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Lawrence Aviation Industries to pay for Port Jefferson (New ro) cleanup Lenny Siegel (04/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: 2019 National Brownfields Training Conference Lenny Siegel (04/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Former Beckjord Power Station along the Ohio River in Clermont County's Pierce Township, Ohio Lenny Siegel (04/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Polluted site prepped for N. Portland [Oregon] affordable housing" Lenny Siegel (04/24/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Why are so many people getting rare cancers..." in Waycross, Georgia Lenny Siegel (04/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Plan to build housing on contaminated Bishop Tube site in Chester County [Pennsylvania] faces major setback" Lenny Siegel (04/29/19)

[CPEO-BIF] New York State Redevelopment Summit June 11-12 in Albany Lenny Siegel (05/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Neighborhood Concerned Citizens Group continues to watchdog Water Gremlin, White Bear, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (05/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "EPA working to contain hazardous materials on Plymouth Waterfront, " Massachusetts Lenny Siegel (05/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields 2019: Call for Ideas is Live! Lenny Siegel (05/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Moms Of Kids With Cancer Turn Attention From School Cell Tower To The Water, " Ripon, California Lenny Siegel (05/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Tonawanda, NY "Town Board calls on DEC to accept Tonawanda Coke site into Brownfield Cleanup Program" Lenny Siegel (05/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Former massive Flint [Michigan] auto site looks completely different" Lenny Siegel (05/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Ripon [California] Cancer Concerns Spread From Water To Vapor" Lenny Siegel (05/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Vermont rules spur solar development on landfills, brownfields" Lenny Siegel (05/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Franklin [Indiana] Homeowners: EPA failed to adequately warn of toxins and risk" Lenny Siegel (05/14/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Conflict over proposed plan for Tonawanda Coke property, " Tonawanda, New York Lenny Siegel (05/15/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Thrifty Mall cleanup, Far Rockaway, New York Lenny Siegel (05/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Sporlan Valve Plant, Washington, Missouri Lenny Siegel (05/19/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Maryland solar legislation Lenny Siegel (05/19/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: Internal Emails Reveal How Chemical Lobby Fights Regulation Lenny Siegel (05/22/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Lead remediation at the Colorado Smelter site in Pueblo, Colorado Lenny Siegel (05/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Health concerns near Water Gremlin site, White Bear Township, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (05/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "How Arizona is cleaning up dozens of contaminated groundwater sites" Lenny Siegel (05/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Source of San Luis Obispo (California) TCE "Pinpointed" Lenny Siegel (05/27/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Missoula, Montana's Riverfront Triangle Lenny Siegel (05/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE at Sporlan Valve site, Washington, Missouri Lenny Siegel (05/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] unsubscribe Susan Gahry (05/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapor intrusion update for Franklin, Indiana schools Lenny Siegel (05/31/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Josam Foundry site, Michigan City, Indiana Lenny Siegel (06/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "How a bipartisan plan to ban the use of carcinogenic TCE fell apart at the Minnesota Legislature" Lenny Siegel (06/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Nestlé TCE contamination, Ripon, California Lenny Siegel (06/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE's Toxic Legacy in Franklin, Indiana Lenny Siegel (06/05/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Tonawanda Coke's future: Superfund or Brownfield?" Tonawanda, New York Lenny Siegel (06/05/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Connecticut "Municipalities are stuck with costly, blighted shells of former industrial sites" Lenny Siegel (06/06/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "There’s no telling how many empty industrial buildings are rotting away on polluted properties in Connecticut." Lenny Siegel (06/06/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "The Toxic Secret Underneath the Seaport, " New York City Lenny Siegel (06/07/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "EPA To Franklin [Indiana] Residents: 'We'll Do Better'" Lenny Siegel (06/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Black Mountain," Indianapolis, Indiana Lenny Siegel (06/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Water Gremlin’s neighbors, White Bear Township, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (06/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Depressurization systems being installed in Franklin, Indiana schools Lenny Siegel (06/22/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Duofold site, Ilion, NY Lenny Siegel (06/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Environmental testing set to begin at former Lyman [South Carolina] textile plant" Lenny Siegel (06/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Health impacts of TCE emissions in White Bear Township, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (06/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "EPA to Pay for Water Hookups Around Hidden Lane Landfill Superfund Site, " Loudoun County, Virginia Lenny Siegel (06/27/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Clean up efforts continue at Elmira High School, " Elmira, New York Lenny Siegel (06/27/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "From brownfields to 'brightfields' in Virginia's coal country" Lenny Siegel (06/27/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Ulster County, New York "County to put up solar array at Saugerties tire dump" Lenny Siegel (06/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Special systems installed inside 2 Franklin [Indiana] schools will alert officials if harmful vapors are present" Lenny Siegel (06/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Apartments to be built at former Jones & Laughlin and LTV steel mill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (07/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] More Franklin (Indiana) homes found exposed to TCE vapors Lenny Siegel (07/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Development on mercury site, Seaport District, Manhattan, New York Lenny Siegel (07/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Former landfill transformed into 25-acre park in Cleveland’s [Ohio] Old Brooklyn neighborhood" Lenny Siegel (07/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Central Soya site, Chattanooga, Tennessee Lenny Siegel (07/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Displacement a concern in Glen Cove's (New York) Orchard Neighborhood Lenny Siegel (07/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Council formed to reimagine former Shenango [Pennsylvania] site, " Lenny Siegel (07/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE at mill/mine site, Cotter, Colorado Lenny Siegel (07/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] ‘North River’ site, Fort Wayne, Indiana Lenny Siegel (07/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Homeridae Solar Energy Project, Olean, New York Lenny Siegel (07/19/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "7 Children diagnosed with cancer" in Ripon, California, TCE is suspect Lenny Siegel (07/19/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Hopewell Precision to pay for a fraction of East Fishkill, New York cleanup Lenny Siegel (07/22/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "EPA Explains Former Sporlan Plant Cleanup" Lenny Siegel (07/24/19)

[CPEO-BIF] InterRoyal Mill property, Plainfield, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (07/24/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE from Orbco facility, Moberly, Missouri Lenny Siegel (07/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Los Angeles, California's polluted groundwater Lenny Siegel (07/30/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE and PCE from Hi-Shear (Torrance, CA) spread to Lomita Lenny Siegel (07/30/19)

[CPEO-BIF] New York "DEC to resume brownfield probe at Niagara Falls' Niacet plant" Lenny Siegel (07/31/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Suffolk [County, New York] nonprofit, Security Dodge at impasse over tax liens, use of Merrick Road site" Lenny Siegel (07/31/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Master Cleaners site, Guilderland, New York Lenny Siegel (08/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Motorola 52nd Street plume, Phoenix, Arizona "larger than previously thought" Lenny Siegel (08/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Unlimited Products Engineering Co. site, Racine, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (08/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Special Metals site, New Hartford, New York Lenny Siegel (08/05/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Thoro Kleen dry cleaner site, Georgetown, Delaware Lenny Siegel (08/06/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Buildings near Republic Airport, East Farmingdale, New York Lenny Siegel (08/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Oil-drilling site, Galveston, Texas Lenny Siegel (08/12/19)

[CPEO-BIF] More contaminants found at Water Gremlin pant, White Bear, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (08/14/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Environmental cleanup needed for Oneco affordable housing site, " Sarasota, Florida Lenny Siegel (08/19/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Analyzing sewer and utility tunnel pathways for vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (08/21/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Endicott [New York] man facing violations for posting IBM pollution signs" Lenny Siegel (08/21/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "This Bradenton [Florida] land was contaminated decades ago. Affordable housing will clean it up" Lenny Siegel (08/22/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Water Board finalizes TCE cleanup order" near San Luis Obispo, California airport Lenny Siegel (08/22/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Jackson Steel site, Mineola, New York Lenny Siegel (08/29/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Former dry cleaner, Lakeside, Arizona Lenny Siegel (09/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Lehigh TCE spill, New York Lenny Siegel (09/06/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Developer sues Rochester [New York] over brownfield cleanup" of PFAS Lenny Siegel (09/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: The Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) is seeking candidates for the position of Executive Director. Lenny Siegel (09/09/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Plans for new park in Palmetto [Florida] taking shape. It could help make water cleaner" Lenny Siegel (09/10/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Public receives update on remediation work at former Johnson Controls site, " Goshen, Indiana Lenny Siegel (09/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "At Future Site Of West Louisville’s [Kentucky] Track And Field Complex, Some Residents Are Concerned About Cleanup Plan" Lenny Siegel (09/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "2nd phase of cleanup at former CTS site to begin next month" Lenny Siegel (09/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Grossinger’s Resort [New York] site cleaned up" Lenny Siegel (09/14/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Schlage Lock and Baylands Landfill, San Francisco and Brisbane, California Lenny Siegel (09/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Michner Plating site, Jackson, Michigan Lenny Siegel (09/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Pitkin County, Colorado solar farm Lenny Siegel (09/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Golden company sues IBM for dumping toxic waste decades ago in Erie" (CO) Lenny Siegel (09/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Flood control spurs economic development" in Meriden, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (09/19/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Ann Arbor [Michigan] eyes affordable housing with new brownfield policy" Lenny Siegel (09/23/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Solar at former Providence Steel and Iron Co., Rhode Island Lenny Siegel (09/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Soil vapor testing indicates no risk to residents" at Water Gremlin site, White Bear, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (09/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Activists oppose capping at Astra-Zeneca, Richmond, California Lenny Siegel (09/30/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE at Weston Elementary School, Ripon, California Lenny Siegel (09/30/19)

[CPEO-BIF] ", Toxins linger on Berks farm from long-ago environmental sins, " Hereford Township, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (09/30/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Affordable housing on brownfields in Stamford, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (10/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "State to test for contaminants at Kings Park landfill, " Suffolk County, New York Lenny Siegel (10/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Lawsuit: Pollution from metal processing plants in Union [Illinois] caused woman's cancer" Lenny Siegel (10/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Environmental officials to test for contaminants at former Steck Philbin landfill, " Kings Park, New York Lenny Siegel (10/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Center for Creative Land Recycling's "Urban Redevelopment" Conference - November 7th Claire Weston (CCLR) (10/08/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Ameresco planning 27-MW solar brownfield project in [DePue] Illinois" Lenny Siegel (10/09/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Former Fansteel site, Waukegan, Illinois Lenny Siegel (10/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Unapproved construction landfill, Ramsey, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (10/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Solar at former Mitchell-Bentley property, Cadillac, Michigan Lenny Siegel (10/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Former Richmond Creamery site, RIchmond, Vermont Lenny Siegel (10/14/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "How 17 years of [TCE] pollution in White Bear Township [Minnesota] was finally stopped" Lenny Siegel (10/15/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: EPA’s 2019 Vapor Intrusion Workshop: Measurement-Based Methods for Protective & Defensible Chlorinated VI Exposure Determinations - Tuesday, October 22, 2019 Lenny Siegel (10/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: Request for EPA Brownfields Grant Proposals, Deadline: December 3, 2019 Lenny Siegel (10/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "EPA Seeks IRS Help to Push Investors to Contaminated Sites" Lenny Siegel (10/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE from Villa Park landfill, West Bend, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (10/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Orbco requests access to city sewers to continue pollutant testing, " Moberly, Missouri Lenny Siegel (10/23/19)

[CPEO-BIF] U.S. Gauge site, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (10/24/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Former brownfield transformed into Providence’s [Rhode Island] newest park" Lenny Siegel (10/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "$535K pollution cleanup at Ann Arbor [Michigan] nature center gets extra support" Lenny Siegel (10/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey "Suing Companies In Newark, East Orange And Kearny Over Polluting" Lenny Siegel (10/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Minnesota shuts Water Gremlin over lead poisoning threat" Lenny Siegel (10/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Vapor intrusion [at former Facet Enterprises site] in Elmira Heights [New York] still an issue..." Lenny Siegel (10/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "California OK’s plan to cap, not remove, toxic soil from..." Zeneca site, Richmond, California Lenny Siegel (10/28/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Crane Iron Works, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (10/29/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE from former Litton site in Springfield and the former Electro-Pac site in Willard, Missouri Lenny Siegel (10/30/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Long Island’s Groundwater Will Soon Be Cleaner," New York Lenny Siegel (11/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Solar project at the Mitchell-Bentley site in Cadillac, Michigan Lenny Siegel (11/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "State health review is encouraging after Nonantum [Massachusetts TCE] contamination" Lenny Siegel (11/05/19)

[CPEO-BIF] In the near absence of federal funding … CPEO/PSC needs help Lenny Siegel (11/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Community gardens on browfiedss Lenny Siegel (11/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Cleanup at Whittaker-Bermite [Santa Clarita, CA] almost done; no plans, yet" Lenny Siegel (11/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Michigan Vapor Intrusion Lenny Siegel (11/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Climate change threatens to spread pollution at Superfund sites" - GAO warns Lenny Siegel (11/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Gulfstream (Aerospace Corp.) and Rockwell International water contamination, Bethany, Oklahoma Lenny Siegel (11/25/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Paul’s Tank Cleaning site, Hainesport, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (11/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Rockford Watch Factory building, Rockford, Illinois Lenny Siegel (11/26/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "40 years after spill, former IBM Endicott [New York] campus still toxic" Lenny Siegel (11/27/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Diamond Chrome Plating TCE, Howell, Michigan Lenny Siegel (11/29/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Riverfront Recapture, Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (11/30/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Hawaii Brightfields Initiative Lenny Siegel (12/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Hougland Cannery site TCE, Franklin, Indiana Lenny Siegel (12/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Judge gives Water Gremlin one year to clean up lead dust , " White Bear Township, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (12/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Lincoln Lace and Braid mill site becomes Woonasquatucket Adventure Park, Providence, Rhode Island Lenny Siegel (12/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Andrews [Texas] water disposal site is now bird-watching park" Lenny Siegel (12/01/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: For BF 2019, we have a new tool to help community voices ... Lenny Siegel (12/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Cleanup Underway at East Chicago [Indiana] Brownfield Site" Lenny Siegel (12/02/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Scajaquada Creek waterfront, Buffalo, New York Lenny Siegel (12/03/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Maywood Superfund excavation, Lodi, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (12/04/19)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE open house and lawsuit in Franklin, Indiana Lenny Siegel (12/05/19)

[CPEO-BIF] GAO: SUPERFUND: EPA Should Take Additional Actions to Manage Risks from Climate Change Lenny Siegel (12/07/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Main Street, Palouse, Washington Lenny Siegel (12/10/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Carrier Corporation TCE, Collierville, Tennessee Lenny Siegel (12/11/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Work Begins to Turn Providence [Rhode Island] Brownfield Site into Composting Center" Lenny Siegel (12/12/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Burnt-Rubber Smells Emitted from 800 Monroe Project in Hoboken, " New Jersey Lenny Siegel (12/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Robertson Paper Mill site, Bellows Falls, Vermont Lenny Siegel (12/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Machinery Moving Inc. site, Columbus, Indiana Lenny Siegel (12/13/19)

[CPEO-BIF] St. Helens, Oregon to create park at former Boise White Paper Mill site Lenny Siegel (12/16/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "PSE&G launches new solar farm in New Jersey" Lenny Siegel (12/17/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "The Docks residential development on Muskegon Lake, " Michigan Lenny Siegel (12/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Former Handy & Harman Electronic Materials Corp., Montvale, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (12/18/19)

[CPEO-BIF] Former Grossinger’s Resort, the Catskills, New York Lenny Siegel (12/21/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Tennessee county board rebuffs proposal to" inject filtered TCE water Lenny Siegel (12/21/19)

[CPEO-BIF] "Facing monthslong closure due to chemical contamination, Mountain View [California] brewery Tied House calls it quits" Lenny Siegel (12/23/19)

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