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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Oil-drilling site, Galveston, Texas
Abandoned ex-well site in Galveston becoming nature preserve

By Sergio Chapa
Houston Chronicle (TX)
August 12, 2019

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) - In 1978, an oil company called Aminoil drilled a 7,500-foot-deep well in the heart of a 207-acre tract of coastal prairie in Galveston, tucked between Stewart Road and the West Bay.

The Houston Chronicle reports after the well proved to be a dry hole, the company plugged it and abandoned the drilling site, leaving behind a berm and pit designed to hold drilling fluids. The well was mostly forgotten for nearly 40 years until a group of conservationists launched an effort to create a nature preserve and protect Galveston Island's dwindling coastal prairies.

Today, with the help of the Railroad Commission's Brownfield Response Program, the old well site has been deemed safe, allowing the conservation group, Artist Boat, to move ahead with restoring the coastal prairie, planting native grasses. Indian blankets, horse mint and other wildflowers now thrive there.


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