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Subject: [CPEO-IRF] Privatized Housing at Camp Parks (CA)
Camp Parks is adding training facilities, 114 homes

Katherine Conrad 
East Bay Business Times (CA)
April 22, 2005 

Jodi Winters is one of a handful of home builders answering the
military's call to build houses for the nation's armed forces - a
campaign that brings new homes, jobs and troops to Dublin's low-profile
Camp Parks. 

Winters, the development executive for Clark Realty Capital, is in
charge of a $300 million project that has her circling the Bay and
flying up and down the state as she oversees construction of 114 houses
in Dublin's Camp Parks, 181 townhomes in Mountain View's Moffett Field
and 715 homes at Fort Irwin in San Bernardino County. 

"What happened is that the government and the military realized they
were inefficient in how they provided and maintained housing for
soldiers," Winters said. "The RCI (Residential Communities Initiative)
allowed the military to make a choice to find a private developer so
they could get out of the housing business." 

The Residential Communities Initiative, passed by Congress in 1996,
states: "Soldiers and their families should live in homes comparable to
those homes owned by those who received the benefits of their military


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