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From: Burkhard Luber <B.LUBER@BIONIC.zer.de>
Date: 17 Nov 1994 06:24:15
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re^2: "Military contra Environment"
Hi, thank you for your e-mail on: 13.11.94 / at: 19:48
Under the e-mail address of: coho%islander@islander.whidbey.net
Referring to: Re: "Military contra Environment" - inv

>From: Bill Skubi <coho%islander@islander.whidbey.net>
>Subject: Re: "Military contra Environment" - inv
>A number of entries have inspired me to respond re some of the
>philosophical or perceptual issues surrounding military impacts on the
>environment. In fact i was in the process of responding to Lenny's last
>entry when my software crashed. Now Burkhard has challenged journalists
>and I might as well take up the gauntlet.
Bill, I think one can differentiate two fields of the mil+enviro issue.
The one you raised just: why do decision makers take larger environment
risks (ozon layer destruction from mil LLF etc) and the other: the
everyday bad impact mil acitivities have on the environment. On the 2d I
do not see the investigation task so easy as you:

>Again, the problem in reporting military impacts on the environment is not
>the establishing of facts that would warrant action in a cilivian arena,

Perhaps your perception is true for the States with FOIA regulations,
congress hearings etc. But already when you want to check USMil overseas
problems on the German or other-Non-US environment the task becomes
difficult. And when you even change to countries like UK, let aside France
you will realize an arcane behavior of the military there which is not
just non-democratic. It's just that the high brass
are saying: all are equal (under the law) but we are more equal, :-)


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