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Date: 03 Apr 1995 14:31:52
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Subject: Re: RABs and Reuse
Posting from <amei@SMTP.SPD.USACE.ARMY.MIL> (Anthony Mei, PM, 705-1468)

Greetings to "Recipients of conference":


I am the Army representative to the California Base Closure Advisory 
Committee (CBCEC) and have been involved with the "Fast Track Process" since 
its initial implementation. The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) was 
intended to focus on restoration planning issues. However, as Lenny pointed 
out for the Moffett RAB, where reuse has been determined, inclusion of reuse 
plans is an integral part of the decision process for selecting a restoration 
remedy and is an appropriate discussion topic in the RAB. Lenny also very 
accurately pointed out that discussions regarding purely future land use 
(reuse planning) are conducted in the Local Reuse Authority "forum", NOT in 
the RAB "forum". 

The CBCEC has published a monograph entitled "Integrating Land Use & Cleanup 
Planning at Closing Bases", dated December 1994, which highly recommends 
integrating the reuse planning and restoration planning through "cross-feed" 
of information throughout the planning continuum --- this cuts both ways! 
The "cross-feed" comes about as consultation input in the appropriate forum --
- the RAB for restoration planning and the Reuse Forum for reuse planning.

Tony Mei

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