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From: coho@whidbey.net
Date: 25 Apr 1995 15:33:28
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: RAB Conference May 2-4
Posting from coho@whidbey.net (Bill Skubi)

Dear Aimee,
I found mailing about the San Francisco conference May 2-4 somewhat confusing.
My Janis and I would like to attend (Janis is my wife and my alternate on
the RAB.)
What do you mean by sponsored and unsponsored attendendees. We have a RAB
board meeting May 4. I will try get get Janis and I elected as the official
RAB reps from NAS Whidbey Island RAB. 
In the meantime I have to say we will need a $200 travel scholarship in
order to attend. Even so I figure WISE and myself will be pay at least that
amount in covering the difference. Our RAB has no money for its civilian

Lenny knows I am a stimulating conference participant. If we are able to
attend I believe I can make a special contribution in thes area:
1. Start up does and don'ts. I've been at this since our RAB began in 1993.
2. RABS and the News media -- as a working newspaper editor and RAB member I
have some insights.
3. Maintaining community involvement beyond cleanup -- in setting RAB goals
at our legendary teambuilding workshop some of our highest priorities were
aimed at continuing a RAB type model after clean up is complete. 

Bill Skubi/COHO
PO Box 1504
Coupeville, WA 98239
(360) 678-6377 / FAX (360) 678-3247
e-mail: coho@whidbey.net

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