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From: gkripke@Essential.ORG
Date: 10 May 1995 07:17:26
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Subject: Re: Distribution of budget cuts.
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To clarify a bit:

For the $1,780 million FY95 Defense Environmental Restoration budget, $300
million has been rescinded. FY95 is this current year. So this means
FY95 funding is actually $1,480 million for DERA. Congress has approved
this cut, the President has signed it, done. What is not clear is how
this cut in funding will be distributed across the cleanups at facilities
around the country. What I have is an estimate of how DoD thinks it will
make the cuts, but apparently they are revising this plan. 

The next question is what will happen to the FY96 Defense Environmental 
Restoration budget. The President has requested $1,622 million but there 
are indications that Congress will slash this deeply. Decisions about 
this will happen starting this week as the House and Senate Budget 
Committees begin developing the broad budget guidelines for FY96. Next 
week the subcommittees of the House Committee on National Security will 
begin "marking up" the Defense Bill which authorizing spending levels. 
Rumor has it that these subcommittees will hack away at the environmental 
cleanup budgets for DERA and BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure -- for 
closing facilities in particular).

I wrote a fact sheet which briefly describes the process and timing a 
few weeks ago. I posted it on this conference. If anyone would like me 
to repost it to them, just send me a message.

Gawain Kripke

 On 9 May 1995 meuser@cats.ucsc.edu wrote:

> Date: 09 May 1995 19:57:38
> From: meuser@cats.ucsc.edu
> To: Recipients of conference <careerpro@igc.org>
> Subject: Re: Distribution of budget cuts.
> I take it then tht the $300 milliion reported cut is from the most
> recent list. Does anyone know when this new list might be released
> and what the new proposed DERA budget cut will be?
> Mike Meuser, UCSC

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