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Date: 30 May 1995 12:55:14
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Subject: Re: BTEX contamination
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I'm interested in the environmental fate of BTEX and related health risks. 
I work on Westover AFB, where (as you may have heard) Air Force Center for
Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) wants to run pilot tests of an "Intrinsic
Remediation" protocol at two JP4-contaminated fire training areas. 

But the technical info conflicts. For example, regarding soil-borne and
dissolved benzene, AFCEE and USAF consultants claim that even aerobic
biodegradation is relatively fast and effective. My groundwater
decision-support database (OASIS, outdated to say the least) reports a
soil half-life of under 1 month. 

What sources suggest that benzene is so slow to degrade in a natural

Jeffrey Green

Institute for Science & Interdisciplinary Studies
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Amherst, MA 01002-5001
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