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From: zweifel@nexus.chapman.edu
Date: 30 May 1995 18:21:20
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Subject: BTEX addendum II
Posting from Don Zweifel <zweifel@nexus.chapman.edu>


The data we were referencing came from the USEPA's RREL or Risk Reduction 
Engineering Laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio, Treatability Database. And 
from USEPA document EPA-440/4-79-029 (Water-related Environmental Fate of 
129 Priority Pollutants).

There are numerous mitigating factors that infuence the biochemical decay
coefficient: What type of aquifer is the pollutant residing in? Confined
or unconfined? What is the soil stratification look like. What is its 
permeability factor? 

Our principle aquifer at MCAS, El Toro, Ca. is described as
having an occasional discontinuous lenses of clayey and silty sands and
gravels contained within an assemblage of sany clays and sandy silts. The
Dept. of the Navy has dismissed as unacceptable the `No Action'
alternative because natural attentuation will not be a time-effective
methodology for the TCE and benzene plume that is contaminating our 
principle aquifer.

Pls reply.

 Don Zweifel

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