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From: CGumbi@aol.com
Date: 04 Aug 1995 04:37:39
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Looking for RAB SELECTION...
Dear Mark,
You are not alone in your frustration in trying to achive a RAB that reflects
the intrest and concerns of the petitioners (local concerned citizens). 

In Sept.93, I was the the first to request, and later demand that the US Army
establish a RAB here at Fort Ord, CA. The Army's (LTC Perry, Fort Ord)
initial response to my request for a RAB was, "the Army has no vested intrest
in establishing a RAB for Fort Ord". Later, after local citizens and myself
formed a non-profit called the Fort Ord Toxics Project and began the process
of forming our own RAB, and started doing "RAB stuff" the Army did a 180, and
started to establish a Restoration Advisory Board for Fort Ord. 

However, the process that resulted in the selection of "local citizens" for
RAB membership was never discused with those citizens, or the community at
large, or the general public !! (emphisis added) 

It was almost a year befor the selection process was explained so that anyone
could understand what had transpired. By then almost no one was aware that
the whole RAB selection process at Fort Ord had been a politicaly manipulated
process. Several "local citizens" were upset quite upset by the lack of an
"open selection process". 

The net affect of this "selection process malfunction" at Fort Ord is that
our By-laws are a disasterous perscription for prostration, and in as early
as 6 months in to the RAB's existence, "local citizen" members started
droping off the RAB, to the point where 7 "citizen members" have resigned
from the RAB, and left us with a situation where we can't even achive a
quorum at our regular monthly RAB meeting !! (emphisis added)

I believe this is a desired result of the selection process that was applied
here at Fort Ord. There has been no attempt to correct this on going issue.
 It is no accident that the Army Command at Fort Ord turned over the RAB
"selection process" of the Community Co-chair to the Fort Ord Reuse Group
(FORG), who selected COL. Tom Hendriks (US Army Retired), he in turn
 participated in the selection of the "local citizen members" of the RAB.
 This is clearly inconsistant with the US EPA's & DoD's own guidence on
forming RAB's !! (emphisis added)

I think you begin to get the idea. The early formation of the RAB (strong
community outreach and dedication to an open process) is critical to the
sucuss or failure of your RAB, if you are to convey the "real concerns" of
the community in your federal facility cleanup.

I could write a book on the cleanup of Fort Ord and the RAB. I would be
happy to share what ever information I have with you. Hopefuly I may be able
to help someone else benifit from all the errors and omisions being made at
Fort Ord !! 

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