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From: dmarron@cwsl.edu
Date: 08 Sep 1995 08:00:37
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: RABs & Info Access
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On 7 Sep 1995 isisGU@hamp.hampshire.edu wrote:

> From: ISIS Guest Account <isisGU@hamp.hampshire.edu>
> Has anyone out there got suggestions or answers to the following questions?
> We have trouble accessing info on our local Air Force base, partly due to
> poor public repositories. Air Force Public Info dumps doccuments at three
> public libraries in surrounding communities, and leaves it up to the
> libraries to deal with the documents. The librarians, unsure of what to
> do, shelve them where there's room or box and pile them in out-of-the-way
> places. Is there any guidance on repositories that Air Force should
> follow that could improve our access? 


At the Naval Station North Island RAB we came up with an idea 
to save a little money, but it might help solve your problem. 
One of our RAB members volunteered to keep the library files 
up-to-date. The Navy gives her the latest documents and she 
files them at the library. She also removes old documents 
from the library. It doesn't take her all that long to keep the 
documents in order and up-to-date. 


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