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Date: 30 Jan 2001 00:12:22 -0000
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Dear friends,

We are working to stop the burning of 20,000 acres at Fort Ord; we are
circulating the following letter for co-signature.
If you would like add your name, please send your name, organizational
affiliation (if appropriate), and mailing address to me at
Thank you!! (Deadline for co-signature: Friday, February 9)

In Solidarity,
 Vienna Merrit Moore, Life 2000
(831) 384-6660 Ph.
(831) 384-6764 Fax


February 9, 2001

Dear Senator Fienstein,

We are writing to request your assistance in stopping planned burnings
of contaminated land at the former Fort Ord near Monterey California.
The Army plans to burn close to 20,000 acres of land under the disguise
of brush removal. However, under the brush lay multitudes of missiles
with warheads, bombs, grenades and other toxic military devices.

Explosives burned and detonated release dangerous chemicals that do not
completely vaporize.  Dioxins, PCB's, furans, and heavy metals are
carried as much as hundreds of miles in the circling winds all the time
falling on nearby residents that are downwind. The result of this kind
of exposure is known to cause serious illness, cancers, birth defects,
and death. Illness or death can occur at time of exposure or some time

Children are among those most at risk. Children are the most susceptible
to this type of poisoning.  Exposures to toxic substances can affect
children=E2=80=99s growth and development, and many harmful substances can b=
more easily absorbed by children=E2=80=99s immature body issues, causing sev=
illness.  According to the EPA, because children eat proportionatetly
more food, drink more fluids, breather more air, and play outside more,
they are more vulnerable to environmental threats.

Our children depend on the health of our planet.  We urge you to take
immediate steps to help us protect their future by stopping the toxic
burnings at Fort Ord.


Vienna Merrit Moore, Life 2000
Laura Olah, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger

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