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Subject: NASA Begins Groundwater Cleanup At JPL
NASA Begins Groundwater Cleanup At JPL
Pledges To Clean Up Chemical Contamination
March 1, 2004

LOS ANGELES -- NASA has begun groundwater cleanup at the Jet Propulsion

Construction has started on the first treatment plant to clean
groundwater contaminated with chemicals left over from testing rockets
at JPL.

Perchlorate and two volatile organic compounds are concentrated in the
groundwater at the heart of the JPL campus.

Beginning in 1936, the U.S. Army Air Corps tested some of its first
rockets at the site.

Chemicals were dumped into pits.

A contamination plume eventually drifted several thousand feet below
Hahamongna Watershed Park toward Altadena, leading to the shutdown of
nine water wells.

NASA has pledged to clean up the contamination to drinking water

The city filed a $2 million claim against NASA seeking to recoup costs
for shutting all nine water wells.

NASA still wants further testing on five of the wells.

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