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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] SHIPS: Suisun Bay (CA) ghost fleet
Another take on the same report ...

Mothball fleet's flaking paint taints shellfish

Jim Doyle
San Francisco Chronicle
March 13, 2009

Federal scientists have concluded that the mothball fleet of rust-forsaken ships in Suisun Bay has contaminated shellfish and bay mud with toxic heavy metals, but they are not proposing any specific cleanup actions.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a study Thursday that found hazardous materials such as lead and zinc were at low to medium levels for toxicity to shellfish near the reserve defense ships.

The study determined that most of the heavy metals are at concentration levels comparable to other parts of San Francisco Bay, which has been compromised by years of pollution from urban runoff, factories, sewage plants and shipping.

Rob Ricker, a NOAA regional manager, said that flaking paint from the 70 or so decommissioned ships of the National Defense Reserve Fleet was the most likely source of heavy metals and other toxic chemicals found in bay sediments in close proximity to the mothballed fleet. The paint often contains lead, zinc, copper and other toxic materials such as PCBs.


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