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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FUDS: American University and Spring Valley (DC)
Chemical hazard buried below AU
For 16 years, AU and the U.S. Army Corps have been digging up campus, searching. They should remind students why this project could be crucial to their safety.

American University Eagle (DC)
September 27, 2009

The fact is, you could be in danger. Your personal health and the environmental health of your campus could be at risk and you might not know. AU's administration and the United States Army Corps of Engineers could be to blame, too. They might know things they aren't telling you. They might be withholding information that would make you safer, information that you ought to know.

This semester, EcoSense has begun an important campaign to raise student awareness about the dangers of buried chemical weapons. More generally, the student-run environmental organization has sought to unearth some hidden history on campus, which has serious implications for the safety and health of the AU community.

For 16 years, the university and the Army Corps have been digging for World War I-era munitions. The backstory is that this campus was a serious chemical warfare research center from 1917 to 1918. As The Eagle reports in this issue, "The Bureau of Mines and the Army's Chemical Warfare Service developed and tested approximately 600 gases at AU intended for overseas use. These chemicals included lewisite, mustard gas, arsine and arsenic, and were buried in and around AU's campus."


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