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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Seaway Landfill, Tonawanda, NY
TOWN OF TONAWANDA: Nuclear material to remain in Seaway landfill

By Daniel Pye
The Tonawanda News (NY)
November 12, 2009

TOWN OF TONAWANDA - The Army Corps of Engineers will be digging up some of the radioactive material around the Seaway landfill, but most of the contaminated area will be left how it is.

Maj. Gen. John Peabody, the Corps' Great Lakes and Ohio River division commander, approved the decision to move ahead with plans to extract radioactive material that had leaked off the River Road landfill site. The cleanup will stop there, leaving the remaining contamination still contained within the landfill to be capped under soil, fabric and geomembranes for the next 1,000 years.

Town Supervisor Anthony Caruana, City of Tonawanda Mayor Ron Pilozzi and plenty of other elected officials think that's the wrong move. Caruana wrote in his comments to the Corps that the best way to remedy the problem is "removal, not containment." He acknowledged that containment at $30 million is substantially cheaper than the $113 million full removal option, but argued that the long-term cost of monitoring, health concerns and further cleanup operations if more radioactive material leaks out far outweigh the cost up front. His opinion hadn't changed Thursday upon hearing that the containment option had been chosen over local objections.


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