Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
03 Oct 1997 11:06:21

From: Eileen Carey <>

Eileen Carey - Economic Development Specialist
City of Bridgeport, Connecticut

The City of Bridgeport was the third city in the country to receive a
Brownfield Pilot. We used the $200,000 to create an inventory of our
brownfields, the result of which was about 205 sites which were
prioritized by a ranking system. I am happy to say there has been
progress on 4 of our 6 prioritized sites at this time.

We are in the process of working with the National Parks Service on a
new pilot called Groundwork Trust. We are also in the process of
applying for the EPA RLF, and trying become an EPA Showcase Community.

There is more to most of this, but I thought I would keep it short.

>From: Career/Pro[]
>Sent: Thursday, October 02, 1997 9:23 PM
>Subject: Who is using this Newsgroup?
>Greetings Everyone,
>My name is Tony Chenhansa, the facilitator for this newsgroup. The list
>serve has grown to about 190 people and think this is a good time to
>introduce our selves to each other.
>Please post a reply to this topic saying who you are,and how you relate
>to the Brownfields issues of this conference - this is to let all the
>readers see who else is reading this conference and make it easier to
>see areas of common interest.
>I would encourage people to talk about some of the projects you are
>currently working on. We have a diverse group of participants:
>community, academia, government, lawyers, and consultants.
>I would appreciate any comments or ideas about developing this newsgroup
>to meet your needs.
>Tony Chenhansa
>Brownfields Project Assistant
>CAREER/PRO, A program of the
>San Francisco Urban Institute
>San Francisco, CA 94105
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