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From: Tony Chenhansa <tonyc@cpeo.org>
Date: 20 Nov 1998 10:53:06
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: $7.7 Million for BF and training in Hartford, CT
HUD Secretary Cuomo Presents $7.7 Million To Hartford For Brownfields
Economic Development and Youth Job Training Programs
Novermber 17,1998

Source: Housing and Urban Development


Housing and Urban Development awarded groups in Hartford, Connecticut
with $7.7 million in assistance for economic development of polluted
industrial sites and for training high school drop-outs for careers as
construction workers.

Hartford will receive a $2 million Brownfields Economic Development
Initiative (BEDI) Grant and $5 million in loan guarantees to support the
development of a mixed-use complex with residential, recreational,
entertainment, retail, parking, hotel and convention facilities.  HUD
funds will be used to clean up pollution at the 9.6-acre site.

Co-Opportunity, Inc. will receive a $700,000 grant from HUD's Youthbuild
program. The grant will construction training to 40 high school
drop-outs.  The students will be working on duplexes that will house
four homeless or low-income families.  Youthbuild participants, range in
age from 16 to 24  and receive general equivalency high school diplomas
and training in leadership skills, in addition to training as
construction workers.

For the full press release go to:


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