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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] "Sauvignon Brownfield," Lake County, Ohio
Vineyard thriving on former Lake County industrial site
Has the vineyard planted on the former Diamond Shamrock industrial site 
in Lake County six years ago produced wine?

Chris Evans
Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH)
March 17, 2008

It sure has, and it's much better than the Sauvignon Brownfield 
predicted by skeptics who were leery of anything rooted in the formerly 
pocked and polluted 1,100-acre moonscape that locals called Hiroshima.

Lakeview Bluffs, as it is now known, is the largest planned 
redevelopment of a former brownfield in the state. The vineyard thriving 
in a quarter-acre plot of an old waste lake is as important to the 
project's success as the multimillion-dollar lakefront homes, the spa, 
the boutique resort hotel and the IMG signature golf course.

The vines were planted in the spring of 2002. The first vintage was 
harvested three years later.

"We looked at the Riesling and the Cabernet Franc," said Todd Steiner, a 
state wine expert involved in the project. "In both cases we did get 
some nice varietal character. The Riesling had some tropical aromas, 
some pear, some apricot."


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