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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Azalea Elementary School, St. Petersburg, Florida
Expert Says Pinellas School Near Raytheon Has Safe Air

Tampa Tribune/News Channel 8 (FL)
August 12, 2008

The air is safe at a St. Petersburg elementary school on the fringe of a groundwater pollution plume that originated on the site of a Raytheon defense plant, according to air quality tests conducted for the Pinellas County School District and Raytheon.

The consultant for Azalea Elementary, Steve Mlynarek of the University of South Florida, tested three classrooms, the lunchroom, a break room, the playground and cafeteria on Aug. 4. Raytheon tested the same areas a week earlier.

Both sets of tests detected four chemicals in the air: chloromethane, toluene, benzene and 1,2-dichloroethane. The experts said the discovery was unrelated to the groundwater pollution spreading from Raytheon.


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