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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@igc.org>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 1994 09:33:17 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: RAB history
I am sending Mike a copy of a paper I did in September on the subject. Anyone
else who wants its can send me a message directly.

Most simply:

Congress required military bases for form TRC's in 1986.
Gradually, one or two hundred did, and several used them for genuine
public participation.

In 1991, the dialogue that became FFERDC was formed to discuss priority-setting
in Federal cleanups. Several of us broadened the agenda to include public

In 1992, we developed a model, based on the MOffett Field TRC as well as
proposals from activists in the DOE-oriented Military Production Network,
for Site-Specific Advisory Boards.

In July, 1993, President Clinton announced his 5-point plan for REvitalizing
Base Closure Communities, including fast-track cleanup.
The September, 1993 DOD Guidances implementing that fast track included
the formation of RAB's, based on, but slightly different than, the FFERDC
RAB's. The only major component missing was TEchnical Assistance.
California developed a practical guide to RAB formation, and DOD and EPA
used that as a basis for an April draft guidance. In September, following
public input, it was finalized.

Initially, DOD also set up pilot RAB's at four or five non-closure bases
per service. In April, 1994, a DOD Guidance called for formation of RAB's
at non-closure bases where there is public interest. DOD language is directly
based on FFERDC. The Navy announced plans to set up RAB's at all major bases.
During 94, activists unhappy with the progress in arranging technical assistance
asked Congress to legislate it. With the SUPPORT of the Defense Environmental
Security Office, the Underwood-Kohl Amendment was placed in the FY95
Defense AUthorization Act. It anchors the RAB's in statute and authorizes
technical assistance.

I have 16 tons of documents on the subject. Anyone who wants more information
should contact me directly.

Lenny Siegel
415/961-8918 or 415/969-1545

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