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To: David Keith et al,

May we jump in here to try our hand at attempting to answer your questions?

To begin with, let's say that I'm sure there was no conspiracy to 
deliberately delete our affiliations whether they were RAB or whatever.

You were perfectly able to open up your name tag and add an affiliation, 
which would have taken all of one minute. It is a bit of a stretch to 
accuse Lenny of "astute deviousness and dirty tricks."

In regards to your reference to the spectre of politics vis a vis with 
RABs, perhaps it's now time to look at the 'big picture' for a change.

Let us presume for a moment that a RAB approves a certain plan of 
action in regards to remediation, don't you think that might have a 
potential impact or bearing on the surrounding community? Well my friend, 
it most likely does mitigate or augment the community's master plan. And 
if this isn't potentially political then we don't know have the foggiest 
idea of what we're talking about. 

RAB members will hopefully come to the conclusion that practically every 
decision they decide upon will ultimately impact reuse of their former DoD 
or DoE site. 

Is the contamination at the site an imminent or potentially imminent 
danger to human health? This is a critical question and the RABs 
must of necessity address this issue squarely. 

If one believes this doesn't have political ramifications then we're 
all dreaming.

 Don Zweifel

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