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From: CGumbi@aol.com
Date: 01 Sep 1995 02:36:37
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: $100 MILLION DOD CLEANUP ...

Thanks for this very concise look at the cost of military base cleanups. I
notice that Fort Ord is not listed. I know of at least $40 Million that has
been spent on Fort Ord as of last last year. 

Can you provide any info. on the current total cleanup bill at Fort Ord? I
have made a FOIA request on the Fort Ord cleanup budget. The only response I
have received to date was from the Garrison FOIA Officer, confermining that
there is no Community Response Plan (CRP), nor a Public Involvement Response
Plan (PIRP) for "Planet Ord"

I will be happy to share with you the completed response to my FOIA when it
comes in.

Thanks for your work Lenny.

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