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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, VOCs, REUSE: Alameda Point (CA) contamination
Navy Clean Up Raises Doubts

Dennis Evanosky
Alameda Sun (CA)
March 26, 2009

Recent discoveries near the Seaplane Lagoon have cast suspicions on whether the federal government will leave the final cleanup of Alameda Point in the laps of Island City taxpayers. The Navy, which plans to finish its cleanup of the Point this year, recently took samples from the edge of the rocks — called riprap — along the northwest edge of the Seaplane Lagoon. The Navy identified chalk-like materials with elevated radiological readings and later confirmed the material to be Radium 226. The area of elevated radiological readings covers a 50-square-foot area along the lagoon.

Alameda's Restoration Advisory Board members learned of this find earlier this month. They cannot take this discovery lightly. Radium 226 was once used in self-luminous paints for watch and instrument dials and aircraft switches.


In 2008 the Navy verified that the conditions just southeast of Building 20 posed a potential health risk to anyone inhaling vapors that come from "volatile organic chemicals," called "VOCs" in the groundwater. The Navy has now told the Restoration Advisory Board that it did not achieve its remediation goals at the site.


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