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From: Eileen Carey <EileenC@ci.bridgeport.ct.us>
Date: 14 May 1998 14:07:43
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: Lots of questions...
Lynne -
1.  Our sites are too complicated and not basically not marketable in
their present condition.  Our sites have become marketable with a large
amount of municipal involvement, and until that time comes when we can
address them, they will most times remain dormant.

2.  Confidentiality is not the issue.

3.  Our sites are not municipally controlled, and many times contact
with the "owner" or responsible is impossible.

4.  Our brownfield efforts, which are very extensive, have concentrated
on grant applications and opportunities to ready the sites for
developers who have already come to us for land.

>From:  Lynne Atwood[SMTP:la@cleanstart.com]
>Sent:  Wednesday, May 13, 1998 1:54 PM
>To:  cpro-brownfields@igc.apc.org
>Subject:  Lots of questions...
>Our web activity on Clean Start Properties has increased dramatically to
>approximately 900 hits a month.  We are having difficulty getting:  city
>planners/Economic development entities/BF pilot grant recipients/BF
>showcase communities/realtors/ and owners to list vacant and underutilized
>properties.  Our site is confidential; no contact or street address is
>given without permission and participation is gree.  Even when we offer to
>go on location to help fill out the listing forms, people don't follow up.  
>My questions are:
>1.  Why are people reluctant to list properties even with confidentiality?
>2.  Are people distrustful of a "Free Listing Service" thinking it's too
>good to be true?
>3.  Would Clean-Start as a non-profit entity find it easier to access
>properties to list, success stories, articles, and information to put on
>our site?
>4.  Why don't people follow through with our offer to go on location and
>list even when they control the property?
>Your input on these questions would be appreciated.  More information would
>be useful in my decision regarding non-profit status.
>Lynne Atwood                             phone:  (401)728-6860
>Clean-Start Properties Unlimited          fax:    (401)727-1849
>Business Development Representative       email:  la@cleanstart.com
>URL:  http://www.cleanstart.com

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