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Date: 15 May 1998 11:13:48
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: Lots of questions...
There are probably lots of different reasons, and there may be as many
reasons as there are different groups.  A few that come to mind:

1.  For some of the groups you mention, listing is just not a priority -- For
planners, redevelopment authorities, etc., a general listing may not be in
keeping with the structured plan that they have in mind or already
underway on.  They may neither the time nor the resources to either fill
out forms, or sit with you as you fill out forms.

2.  For private owners/developers, a general listing may conflict with
brokering arrangements that are already in place; and in any event, they
will tend to use lists that they know attract interest from buyers/tenants. 
Unless you can demonstrate that your listing leads to deals, they have no
reason to spend anytime filling out forms or providing information.

3.  Even though you say the information is confidential, as a lawyer I
would not be confident that confidentiality could be maintained.  I would
certainly be concerned about a public listing that marked (not to say
stigmatized) a site as a "brownfield".  Unless the owner has already
made his/her peace with the relevant agencies, calling a site
"contaminated" could create some issues, and may not be a good
marketing ploy in any event.

4.  If the site has been remediated, at least to some level, the local
authorities and owners have no reason to call attention to its prior

I'm back, I suppose, to a song I've sung before in this group --
brownfields get redeveloped or reused not because they're available,
but because someone comes along whose need matches up to the
property's characteristics, including location, cost, ease of permitting,
availability of financing, etc.  A listing which doesn't give addresses, etc.,
won't answer those questions for most businesses.  

I wonder if instead it would be better to try to come up with some kind of
"matching" program. I.e., if I wanted to search for a property in one of
two or three states, that had highway and rail access, was already
zoned industrial and was in an urban area of a given size, maybe even
in an enterprise zone where I could get some financing or tax benefits,
could I tell that from your listing?  If not, what is the benefit of looking at
your listing?

Chuck Patrizia

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