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From: gilsailer@aol.com
Date: 30 May 2001 20:38:16 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] introduction

had a nice exchange with stellaVB in response to her email concerning the
current discussions of the base closure legislation.  I strongly disagreed
that there was a linkage between cleanup and decision to close an un needed 
military facility.  

In fact, the huge clean up bill after closure did not make any sense to me
because there is suppose to be a cleanup of the bases that are currently
occupied..   I had felt that the cleanup of existing contamination while the 
military is there would be much more cost effective.  especially a valid
identification program....
Thought that if theere was concern from the community about contamination
after they close, where are they now when the civillian worker, military and
guests are exposed every day... 
I was one of the formation players for all of the current BRACs -- was
involved at the Air Force, DOD and interagency level outside the DoD relm...

Stella thought that i should take the time to introduce myself...

I retired from the federal civil service after 31 years most of which was in
the real estate property disposal arena.... the last position i held was that
of special assistant to the director at the Air Force Base Conversion Agency 

my primary area of responsibility was senior realty officer, incharge of
regulations, legislation, and audit/IG investigation and review..

I retired to florida and am involved in some periferal brac consulting.

As a senior associate with Washington Consulting Alliance, I have clients in
the public and private sector involving government relations   ---  general
lobbying   --- and specific expertice in the area of federal real estate 
disposal and management.  


I retired from fed service  

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