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[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: FY 2020 SERDP Solicitations – Core Pre-proposal Due Date Extended Lenny Siegel (01/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS, GLOBAL: "Military contractor KBR files brief with Supreme Court in attempt to nix burn pit review" Lenny Siegel (01/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, REUSE: "As work continues at Camp Bonneville [WA], residents get chance to weigh in on plan" Lenny Siegel (01/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, FIRE: "Woolsey Fire Started at Toxic Santa Susana Lab, " CA Lenny Siegel (01/07/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Contaminated groundwater, a toxic legacy of Georgia’s air bases" Lenny Siegel (01/07/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Communities confront the threat of unregulated chemicals in their drinking water" Lenny Siegel (01/08/19)


[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "States take the lead in creating more health protective drinking water guidelines" Lenny Siegel (01/10/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Aqueous film-forming foam at commercial airports Lenny Siegel (01/11/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "US sues Tetra Tech over Hunters Point [CA] shipyard work, claiming widespread fraud" Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Dourson was considered for DOD risk study Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Ellsworth Air Force Base (SD) won't pay residents' water bills Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pease Development Authority (NH) and Conservation Law Foundation "settle Clean Water lawsuit" Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Alternatives for the Demilitarization of Conventional Munitions Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Cannon Air Force Base (NM) fact sheet released Lenny Siegel (01/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Moody [AFB, GA] neighbor wants water tested" Lenny Siegel (01/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Stuart, Florida sues foam manufacturers Lenny Siegel (01/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] National PFAS Contamination Coalition Issues Statement on Incineration Laura Olah (01/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force spends $8 million in year after Reese [AFB, TX] water contamination announcement" Lenny Siegel (01/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER, SHIPS: Washington Attorney General "Ferguson to sue if Navy continues to pollute Puget Sound" Lenny Siegel (01/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: CSWAB Update: WI Grants Our Petition for Regulating 26 PFAS Compounds! Lenny Siegel (01/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force should do right by those with fouled water" at Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD Lenny Siegel (01/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, HEALTH: "Navy to deny all civil claims related to Camp Lejeune [NC] water contamination" Lenny Siegel (01/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP, MUNITIONS: Navy Station Newport (RI) Lenny Siegel (01/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Members of Congress form task force Lenny Siegel (01/28/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS: "What will the Navy’s denial of Camp Lejeune claims mean for other contaminated bases?" Lenny Siegel (01/28/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: NJ Landfill to take soil from Willow Grove (PA) Lenny Siegel (01/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HOUSING: "Senate hearings to probe unsafe housing of U.S. military families" Lenny Siegel (02/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, RADIATION: Treasure Island Naval Station, San Francisco (CA) Lenny Siegel (02/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "2018 report shows off-the-charts contamination in Holloman AFB water" Lenny Siegel (02/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, VOCs: "Bidding closes on Bedford's [MA} Navy hangar" Lenny Siegel (02/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Energy Department's "Growing Environmental Cleanup Liability" Lenny Siegel (02/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Rep. Dan Kildee: "Action needed to address groundwater contamination at military installations" Lenny Siegel (02/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Federal lawsuit filed over drinking water contamination on Whidbey" (WA) Lenny Siegel (02/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force criticized for water contamination at Holloman AFB" (NM) Lenny Siegel (02/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "Okinawa and the US Military Link to PFAS Toxins" Lenny Siegel (02/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: EPA releases action plan Lenny Siegel (02/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fwd: [PFCs/PFAS] Statement from the National PFAS Contamination Coalition Lenny Siegel (02/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "U.S. sues Lockheed, others for alleged kickbacks on nuclear site cleanup, " Hanford, WA Lenny Siegel (02/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "State Report Finds No Radiological Health Hazards in Key Part of SF’s Hunters Point Shipyard" (CA) Lenny Siegel (02/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "The U.S. Military Is Poisoning Germany" Lenny Siegel (02/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HOUSING: "Army calls base housing hazards 'unconscionable, ' details steps to protect families" Lenny Siegel (02/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] IMMIGRANTS: "Proposed US Migrant Shelter [at Ft. Bliss, TX] May Be Polluted, Green Group Warns" Lenny Siegel (02/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Suspect Hunters Point shipyard contractor did similar work at Treasure Island" (CA) Lenny Siegel (02/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Possible Water Contamination Across MA May Be Linked To Firefighting Foam" Lenny Siegel (02/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "After 25 years, Charleston’s [SC] shuttered Navy base still has ‘a long way to go’" Lenny Siegel (02/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water Leave Military Families Reeling" Lenny Siegel (02/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] The Bucks/Montgomery County C8 Experience Larry Menkes (02/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] In the absence of funding … Lenny Siegel (02/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Response from Tad McCall: In the absence of funding … Lenny Siegel (02/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Family blames Air Force pollution in Colorado Springs (CO) area Lenny Siegel (02/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "Air Force begins taking public comments on dissolving Chanute [IL] environmental oversight panel" Lenny Siegel (02/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Marine Corps Outlying Landing Field Atlantic (NC) Lenny Siegel (03/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, MUNITIONS: Camp Wellfleet, MA Lenny Siegel (03/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Water contamination rises near old Durham landfill" (NH) Lenny Siegel (03/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Groundwater Contamination At Sioux City National Guard Base (IA) Lenny Siegel (03/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: California establishes notification levels Lenny Siegel (03/07/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Groundwater contamination devastates a New Mexico dairy – and threatens public health" Lenny Siegel (03/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, VETERANS: Agent Orange and Guam Lenny Siegel (03/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] TCE found in Anaheim, California Lenny Siegel (03/11/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Truax Air National Guard base (WI) Lenny Siegel (03/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: University study: Underwater movement of unexploded ordnance Lenny Siegel (03/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Residents Near 8 Military Bases to Be Tested for Chemical Tied to Cancer" Lenny Siegel (03/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCsw, FORMER SITES: Mediation at former Schilling Air Force Base (KS) Lenny Siegel (03/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Saufley Field [FL] homeowners react to Navy's contaminated well water results" Lenny Siegel (03/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Pentagon Pushes for Weaker Standards on Chemicals Contaminating Drinking Water" Lenny Siegel (03/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Tucson [AZ] Water Treatment Plant Completes Update" Lenny Siegel (03/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2019 - Save the Date! Lenny Siegel (03/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Senate hearing March 28 Lenny Siegel (03/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, CHEMWEAPONS: "Pine Bluff Arsenal [AR] project overcomes obstacles" Lenny Siegel (03/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Suffolk County (NY) sues over Gabreski Airport pollution Lenny Siegel (03/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "16 cancer cases in one family, " Colorado Springs, CO Lenny Siegel (03/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Madison (WI) shuts down a well Lenny Siegel (03/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CLIMATE: Flooding at Offutt Air Force Base (NE) Lenny Siegel (03/20/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Naval Support Activity (NSA) Hampton Roads-Northwest Annex near Chesapeake, Virginia. Lenny Siegel (03/20/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Maine task force Lenny Siegel (03/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Portsmouth [NH] moving forward with new Pease water treatment system" Lenny Siegel (03/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "$2 billion cost to clean up water contamination at military bases, defense official says" Lenny Siegel (03/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CONTRACTORS, DIOXANE: "Bethpage [NY] Water District files lawsuit against Northrop Grumman" Lenny Siegel (03/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs: Air Force Plant 59 (NY) Lenny Siegel (03/23/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "US government investigating food supply for PFAS contamination" Lenny Siegel (03/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REGULATION: "Virginia, EPA to recoup nearly $64 million in cleanup costs for Portsmouth Superfund site" Lenny Siegel (03/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Council calls on regulators to better protect against Red Hill [HI] fuel tank leaks" Lenny Siegel (03/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "New Jersey orders five companies to pay millions to fund PFAS cleanup" Lenny Siegel (03/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst - PFAS Eman D (03/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, HERBICIDES: "Agent Orange Contamination Persists In Vietnam" Lenny Siegel (03/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Filtration system planned near Fort Devens (MA) Lenny Siegel (03/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Meeting Held in Clovis [NM] to Discuss Cannon Air Force Base Water Pollution" Lenny Siegel (03/28/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Army looks to put ground-penetrating radar on drones" Lenny Siegel (03/28/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Eglin [AFB, FL] wildfires spreading" Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] SEDIMENT: CSWAB VICTORY! Army to Remove Mercury-Contaminated Sediments from Lake Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Des Moine Iowa Air National Guard base Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Iowa Army Ammunition Plan Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Vietnam’s Struggle to Overcome the Legacy of US Bombs" Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Army Backs Down on FOIA, Waives $300K Fee for PFAS Contamination Data" Lenny Siegel (04/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Michigan will draft PFAS standards for public drinking water" Lenny Siegel (04/02/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Devens' [MA] former military facilities offer chance for community with few residents" Lenny Siegel (04/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] North Carolina "Bill would prohibit new wind farms in coastal swath" Lenny Siegel (04/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] LEAD: "The Army Thought He Was Faking His Health Issues. Turns Out He Had Chronic Lead Poisoning." Lenny Siegel (04/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Lakes contaminated at Eielson Air Force Base, AK Lenny Siegel (04/09/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force finds high levels of toxins in water at Luke base" (AZ) Lenny Siegel (04/11/19)

[CPEO-MEF] "Navy continues water testing near [Naval Air Station] Pensacola" (FL) Lenny Siegel (04/12/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Hawai'i "wants U.S. Navy to move its Red Hill fuel tanks" Lenny Siegel (04/12/19)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, BIOTA: "US Military Base Threatens Biodiversity in Okinawa" Lenny Siegel (04/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] LEAD, HOUSING: "Proposed bills protect military families from lead exposure" Lenny Siegel (04/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] DISPOSAL, GLOBAL: "Committee Will Study Respiratory Diseases Related to Military Burn Pits, Dust" Lenny Siegel (04/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Abington, Pennsylvania public meeting Lenny Siegel (04/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Defense secretary pledges to address PFAS contamination Lenny Siegel (04/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, PESTICIDES: Colorado sue Army at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Lenny Siegel (04/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Rhode Island solar project on Navy land Lenny Siegel (04/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Navy report finds ‘no radiological health risk’ on Treasure Island" Lenny Siegel (04/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] "Kirtland [AFB, NM] jet fuel cleanup to continue for years" Lenny Siegel (04/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "Residents near MCAS Futenma concerned by high concentrations of PFOS/PFOA in water, U.S. military refuses on-base investigation, " Okinawa Lenny Siegel (04/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "EPA Takes Important Step Under PFAS Action Plan" Lenny Siegel (04/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: U.S. to clean Bien Hoa (Vietnam) Lenny Siegel (04/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: EWG Statement on EPA's PFAS proposal Lenny Siegel (04/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Joint Base Cape Cod [MA] officials wait on final PFAS rules" Lenny Siegel (04/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Ayer residents learn more about water contamination" near former Fort Devens, MA Lenny Siegel (04/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Bennington PFOA case advances in federal court" Lenny Siegel (04/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PFAS contamination is Michigan's biggest environmental crisis in 40 years" Lenny Siegel (04/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Senators "Urge GAO to Study Federal Responsibilities for PFAS Cleanup" Lenny Siegel (04/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: NYT: "E.P.A. Proposes Weaker Standards on Chemicals Contaminating Drinking Water" Lenny Siegel (04/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Nanosecond "Ordnance depot [VA] cleanup continues" Lenny Siegel (05/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: EPA Awards $3.9 Million to Research PFAS Challenges, Reducing Health Impacts Lenny Siegel (05/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2019 Accepting Poster Abstracts! Lenny Siegel (05/02/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Oak Harbor [WA] woman sues chemical giant 3M over contaminated wells" Lenny Siegel (05/02/19)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: Oklahoma "Legislature passes new bill to protect military airspace from wind turbine encroachment" Lenny Siegel (05/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: Former Schilling Air Force Base "clean up to cost $95 million" Lenny Siegel (05/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Not just Luke: Water in 9 other Arizona places has tested high for firefighting foam toxins" Lenny Siegel (05/07/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Guam "DOD contractor that spilled jet fuel, contaminated water pays off fine" Lenny Siegel (05/07/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Former Calumet Air Force base on Mount Horace Greeley (MI) Lenny Siegel (05/07/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Mapping the PFAS Contamination Crisis: New Data Show 610 Sites in 43 States" Lenny Siegel (05/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: "labor-friendly policies had little effect on job growth after the layoffs" Lenny Siegel (05/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: EDF: "EPA’s safety standard for perchlorate in water should prioritize kids’ health" Lenny Siegel (05/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Unexploded military ordnance complicates effort to suppress 6, 600-acre wildfire near Delta Junction" (AK) Lenny Siegel (05/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] TRAINING: "Alaskans at war with U.S. military over readiness exercises" Lenny Siegel (05/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Treatment Options for the Emerging Contaminants 1, 2, 3-Trichloropropane and 1, 2-Dibromoethane Lenny Siegel (05/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: 3M "hid dangers for decades" Lenny Siegel (05/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "New Mexico wants lake on [Holloman ] Air Force base closed" Lenny Siegel (05/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PRESERVATION: "Kulis [AK] Hangar One added to National Historic Registry" Lenny Siegel (05/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Proposed Federal legislation Lenny Siegel (05/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CLIMATE: "Can the Department of Defense win its complicated battle against climate change?" Lenny Siegel (05/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Remediating the Grumman-Navy Plume, Bethpage, NY Lenny Siegel (05/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Jersey officials "Announce Suit Against 3M, DuPont, Others for Making, Selling Toxic Chemicals in Firefighting Foam Product" Lenny Siegel (05/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: "Fifty Years After, A Daunting Cleanup of Vietnam’s Toxic Legacy" Lenny Siegel (05/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Piketon [OH] school closes because of radioactive contamination fears" Lenny Siegel (05/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "A trail of toxicity: the US military bases making people sick" Lenny Siegel (05/23/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "West [Los Angeles, California]Veterans Administration master plan protects old nuclear dump from development" Lenny Siegel (05/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Navy to Test Drinking Water Wells Near NSA Crane [IN] for PFAS Contamination" Lenny Siegel (05/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: "Plan Made For Waikoloa Maneuver Area [HI] Unexploded Ordnance" Lenny Siegel (05/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Counterpunch explores DoD's Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program. Lenny Siegel (05/28/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, VETERANS: "Atomic Soldiers" Lenny Siegel (05/28/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Kirtland Air Foce Base (NM) remediation Lenny Siegel (05/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Unexpected contamination reported in Hanford [WA] cleanup" Lenny Siegel (05/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HOUSING: "Senators take aim at military housing problems in annual budget bill" Lenny Siegel (05/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Air Force to reimburse Martinsburg (WV) Lenny Siegel (05/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Santa Clarita Valley Water shuts down well Lenny Siegel (05/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: New York proposes plan to remediate Bethpage plume Lenny Siegel (05/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: NRDC slams EPA's proposed drinking water standard Lenny Siegel (05/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Camp San Luis Obispo, CA Lenny Siegel (05/31/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "New Mexico officials find themselves stonewalled by the United States military..." Lenny Siegel (05/31/19)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: South Korea to clean up Camp Market, Incheon Lenny Siegel (06/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: "High radiation levels found in giant clams near U.S. nuclear dump in Marshall Islands" Lenny Siegel (06/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Former Camp Kilmer site [NJ] comes full circle with affordable housing for homeless veterans" Lenny Siegel (06/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: "The Military Is Locked in a Power Struggle With Wind Farms" Lenny Siegel (06/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Report details PFAS contamination near Pittsburgh [PA} airport that ‘likely’ extends beyond military base boundaries" Lenny Siegel (06/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: "60 Affordable Rental Units Proposed For Waikoloa" (HI) Lenny Siegel (06/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Chicora/Cherokee neighborhood near former Charleston Naval Base, SC Lenny Siegel (06/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Unexploded ordnance and the Maroon Fire, AZ Lenny Siegel (06/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Des Moines Water Works Pressures State Agencies To Clean Up PFAS Contamination" Lenny Siegel (06/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Groups ready to sue over fuel spill at New Mexico [Kirtland] air base" Lenny Siegel (06/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Chemical Lobby and Health Advocates Square Off on Bills Regulating Toxic Foam" Lenny Siegel (06/06/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS: "Groups join forces to fight military toxic exposure" Lenny Siegel (06/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Cancer-causing foam could be banned in military training next year, off military bases entirely by 2029" Lenny Siegel (06/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Contaminated wells around Reese Air Force Base (TX) Lenny Siegel (06/10/19)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES: "Navy to invest in the habitat project to address historical pollution to Everett’s Port Gardner" (WA) Lenny Siegel (06/10/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, ASBESTOS: Tulsa, OK "gets $500, 000 EPA grant to clean up asbestos at Air Force Plant No. 3" Lenny Siegel (06/11/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New York declares East Hampton Airport a state Superfund site Lenny Siegel (06/11/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Trump’s EPA Is Letting “Forever Chemicals” Into Our Food, Experts Say" Lenny Siegel (06/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Camp Lejeune (NC) cleaning up a beach training area. Lenny Siegel (06/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: "DEQ and Army Corps of Engineers Work Together to Clean Up Missile Site Near Cheyenne, " WY Lenny Siegel (06/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GUARD: Former Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant (RVAAP), OH Lenny Siegel (06/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "contamination found under Air National Guard base in Tucson" (AZ) Lenny Siegel (06/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Toxic Discharges Suspected From Almost 500 Industrial Facilities Across U.S." Lenny Siegel (06/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Rep. Thomas Suozzi requests Navy and Grumman negotiate to pay state to fix Bethpage [NY] plume" Lenny Siegel (06/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, MUNITIONS: Redstone Arsenal (AL) Lenny Siegel (06/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, HERBICIDES: "Civic group says carcinogen detected at former USFK site in Busan" (South Korea) Lenny Siegel (06/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Navy Contaminates Local Groundwater and Sewer System in Maryland" Lenny Siegel (06/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Former Military Bases Find New Purpose Through E-Commerce" Lenny Siegel (06/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force diverted $66M to cover growing chemical cleanup costs" Lenny Siegel (06/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES: "‘Blue water’ veterans bill clears Senate, heads to White House for final signature" Lenny Siegel (06/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Browns Island restrictions still in effect" (NC) Lenny Siegel (06/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] LITIGATION: Legisation would authorize Guam lawsuits. (GU) Lenny Siegel (06/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] LITIGATION: Hunters Point (CA) fraud suit Lenny Siegel (06/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Hoosick Area PFAS Cleanup Newsletter - Summer 2019 Lenny Siegel (06/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Affordable housing proposed for Fort Lawton Army Reserve Center (WA) Lenny Siegel (06/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Seneca Dairy Systems proposes facility at former Seneca Army Depot Lenny Siegel (06/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Ordnance clearance at the Nevada Test and Training Range Lenny Siegel (06/28/19)

Re: [CPEO-MEF] Military Digest, Vol 178, Issue 17 Larry Menkes (06/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] More Franklin (Indiana) homes found exposed to TCE vapors Lenny Siegel (07/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: "Falmouth [MA] well to remain closed" Lenny Siegel (07/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Senate Passes Bill To Expand PFAS Monitoring, Eliminate Major Source of Contamination" Lenny Siegel (07/02/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "In Wake Of Farmington River Contamination, Westfield, Mass., Works On Its Well Problem" Lenny Siegel (07/02/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Verbal dispute resolution at former Wurtsmith Air Force Base (MI) Lenny Siegel (07/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Three wells on Guam contaminated Lenny Siegel (07/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Vermont Air National Guard to expand PFAS investigation at South Burlington base" Lenny Siegel (07/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "3M admits to unlawful release of PFAS in Alabama" Lenny Siegel (07/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Maine plans to search out firefighting foam containing ‘forever chemicals’" Lenny Siegel (07/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Proposed Groundwater Regulations Could Affect Upper Cape" (MA) Lenny Siegel (07/09/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Towns raising concerns about New Hampshire PFAS standards" Lenny Siegel (07/09/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Public water testing in Harvard (Devens area), MA Lenny Siegel (07/09/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, EARTHQUAKES: China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, Ridgecrest, CA Lenny Siegel (07/10/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Sampling in North Carolina Lenny Siegel (07/11/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: Radiation Requiem – 60 Years After America’s Worst Nuclear Meltdown Lenny Siegel (07/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: Offutt Air Force Base Atlas “D” Missile Site 3 (IA) Lenny Siegel (07/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: CNBC video Lenny Siegel (07/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "all is well on the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base" (SC) Lenny Siegel (07/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PFAS Contamination Crisis Grows as House Passes Critical Cleanup Bill" Lenny Siegel (07/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Water authority questions Kirtland [AFB, NM] jet fuel cleanup" Lenny Siegel (07/15/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Contamination from firefighting foam found in private wells near Dover Air Force Base" (DE) Lenny Siegel (07/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former McClellan Air Force Base (CA) "is booming" Lenny Siegel (07/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Plume of “forever chemicals” spreads beneath Clovis [NM] with no cleanup in sight" Lenny Siegel (07/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE, REUSE: Whittaker-Bermite (CA) Soil Cleanup Completed After Over A Decade Lenny Siegel (07/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Lejeune [NC] water contamination at forefront of 3rd Congressional race" Lenny Siegel (07/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HOUSING: "Defense budgets include protections for military families fighting mold contamination" Lenny Siegel (07/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: "Portions of Marshall Islands have more radioactivity than Chernobyl, Fukushima..." Lenny Siegel (07/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "More housing approved for Hunters Point [CA] despite contamination concerns" Lenny Siegel (07/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Iowa Officials Launch PFAS Working Group To Address Risks To Drinking Water" Lenny Siegel (07/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CHROMIUM: Water districts vs. former McClellan Air Force Base (CA) Lenny Siegel (07/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Navy tests private wells near Naval Support Activity Base in Cumberland County (PA) Lenny Siegel (07/24/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Filtration plan operating at former Pease Air Force Base (NH) Lenny Siegel (07/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New high-level Defense Department task force Lenny Siegel (07/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: New Mexico seeks details on Kirkland Air Force Base cleanup Lenny Siegel (07/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Mexico "presses Air Force to take action" at Cannon and Holloman Air Force Bases Lenny Siegel (07/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Editorial: The Navy’s stalling in Hartsville [PA] must end" Lenny Siegel (07/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Birds Are Living Proof That ‘Forever Chemicals’ Pollute Our Water Supplies" Lenny Siegel (07/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Final Report on the Moffett Field Technical Assistance Grant Lenny Siegel (07/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: How about a national multi-stakeholder PFAS dialogue? Lenny Siegel (07/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Culebra (PR) cleanup advances, Lenny Siegel (07/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: RDX from Fort Jackson (SC) pollutes water Lenny Siegel (07/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Three eastern Connecticut rivers will be tested this summer ..." Lenny Siegel (07/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Senators/Congress Members call for contained detonation on Vieques Lenny Siegel (07/30/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Lead-contaminated soil to be removed from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst" (NJ) Lenny Siegel (07/31/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Sampling near former Fort Devens (MA) Lenny Siegel (07/31/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: PFAS: Save the Date! Northeast Conference on the Science of PFAS - March 31/April 1 in Framingham, MA Lenny Siegel (07/31/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Sampling results from Bucks and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania waterways Lenny Siegel (08/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "... Residents Still Bear The Costs Of Peterson AFB’s [CO] Water Contamination" Lenny Siegel (08/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP FY20 Supplemental Solicitations - non-fluorine based firefighting formulations and/or technologies Lenny Siegel (08/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, REUSE: "Tyndall [AFB, FL] Elementary has minimal soil contamination" Lenny Siegel (08/02/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CONTRACTORS: "DuPont says N.J. toxic mess caused by U.S. government ordering chemicals for WW1 and WW2" Lenny Siegel (08/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Manhattan Project and PFAS Christine Ziebold (08/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Reports of possible unsafe lead exposure at Coronado [CA] Navy shooting range" Lenny Siegel (08/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Military pays for treatment system near Camp Grayling (MI) Lenny Siegel (08/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOLABS: CDC shuts down Fort Detrick (MD) lab Lenny Siegel (08/06/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Tyco Fire Products, Marinette County, WI Lenny Siegel (08/07/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Farmers cry foul over foam from Cannon AFB" (NM) Lenny Siegel (08/12/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania airport. Lenny Siegel (08/12/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Report: Navy altered Hunters Point [CA] cleanup to cover, not remove, toxic soil" Lenny Siegel (08/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Arundel [ME] farmers say their blood samples show high levels of ‘forever chemicals’" Lenny Siegel (08/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Preliminary results don't show elevated PFAS levels around [Naval Support Activity-Mechanicsburg, PA]" Lenny Siegel (08/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: "After 20 years, a former Cold War missile site in Watertown [WI] may finally get cleaned up" Lenny Siegel (08/16/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Kingsley Firing Range Annex, Klamath Falls, OR Lenny Siegel (08/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES, REUSE: "Wildlife now roam where US once forged its deadliest weapons" Lenny Siegel (08/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, CONTRACTORS: "Northrop Grumman calls Bethpage [NY] plume cleanup plan ‘unnecessary, infeasible, and impractical’" Lenny Siegel (08/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: "Keesler [AFB, MS] workers were exposed to dangerous chemicals" Lenny Siegel (08/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Analyzing sewer and utility tunnel pathways for vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (08/21/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, HEALTH: TCE Litigation at Brookhaven National Laboratory (NY) Lenny Siegel (08/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pennsylvania to fund water treatment Lenny Siegel (08/23/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Politicians Renew Support For Cleanup Of Navy-Grumman Plume" (Bethpage, NY) Lenny Siegel (08/23/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "High levels of toxic chemicals found in water at Air Force Academy..." (CO) Lenny Siegel (08/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: EWG and NRDC object to EPA's proposed drinking water limit Lenny Siegel (08/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, REUSE: Detonations at Fort Ord, CA Lenny Siegel (08/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, HEALTH: "Brookhaven lab [NY] employees file suit..." Lenny Siegel (08/29/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Polluters knew..." Lenny Siegel (08/29/19)

Re: [CPEO-MEF] Detonations at Fort Ord, CA Laura Olah (08/31/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "How three [Pennsylvania] towns outside Philly became ‘trailblazers’ on clean drinking water" Lenny Siegel (08/31/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Concord weapons station [CA] has fraught history, but development concept has promise" Lenny Siegel (09/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP, MUNITIONS: "Holston Army Ammunition Plant [TN] deems multiple industrial sites as safe after cleanup" Lenny Siegel (09/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Hanford nuclear waste report comes up short, say experts" Lenny Siegel (09/06/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Contamination found at San Antonio, TX Air Force Bases Lenny Siegel (09/06/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Record amounts found in south-side Tucson (AZ) Lenny Siegel (09/06/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Developer sues Rochester [NY] over brownfield cleanup" Lenny Siegel (09/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Former Aerial Bombing Range, Webster Field Annex, Naval Air Station Patuxent River (MD) Lenny Siegel (09/09/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fort Indiantown Gap Army National Guard base, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (09/10/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Colorado ramps up response to toxic 'forever chemicals' ..." Lenny Siegel (09/10/19)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "Defense ministry not to expand clean-up project at Incheon USFK base" Lenny Siegel (09/10/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: 90 more Army and Army National Guard sites Lenny Siegel (09/11/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: "Local support sought to make Gould Island [RI] cleanup a reality" Lenny Siegel (09/13/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Pentagon talks PFAS" Lenny Siegel (09/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Homestead Migrant Camp Sits Dangerously Close to Polluted Superfund Sites, Activists Say, " former Homestead AFB, FL Lenny Siegel (09/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CHROMIUM: "Widow of Keesler 403rd worker not satisfied with Air Force’s answers" Lenny Siegel (09/14/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "Toxins found in water sources near US bases in Okinawa, " Japan Lenny Siegel (09/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Bethpage [NY] Water District official disappointed Navy not supporting plume remediation plan" Lenny Siegel (09/17/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: Former Wurtsmith AFB, MI: "Others battling water contamination attend RAB meeting, press conference" Lenny Siegel (09/18/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, REGULATION: San Francisco’s Treasure Island, CA Lenny Siegel (09/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] URANIUM, GLOBAL: "Iraqi Kids Test Positive for Depleted Uranium Remnants Near Former US Air Base " Lenny Siegel (09/19/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Inside the biggest modular housing factory on the West Coast" at former Mare Island shipyard, CA Lenny Siegel (09/22/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Trump Threatens to Veto First Ever Congressional Action on 'Forever Chemicals'" Lenny Siegel (09/23/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: South Patrick Shores (FL) Lenny Siegel (09/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] URANIUM, GLOBAL: "Iraqi Kids Test Positive for Depleted Uranium Remnants Near Former US Air Base" Lenny Siegel (09/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Contamination in 74 California community water systems Lenny Siegel (09/25/19)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOTA: "Navy range exempted from proposed orca protection measures" Lenny Siegel (09/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Troubling new report suggests water contamination widespread in Alaska" Lenny Siegel (09/26/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Air Force contamination in San Antonio's (TX) South Side Lenny Siegel (09/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fort Worth Naval Air Station (TX) Lenny Siegel (09/27/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "US Army in Ansbach concealing details about groundwater contamination, German officials say" Lenny Siegel (10/01/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Study Confirms High PFAS Blood Levels Among Firefighters Lenny Siegel (10/02/19)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Lake Ontario Ordnance Works News from the Corps Lenny Siegel (10/03/19)

[CPEO-MEF] CSWAB UDPATE: EPA Unwilling to Challenge Military on Open Burning PFAS Laura Olah (10/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Potential contamination at Homestead detention center means it can’t be safe to house children" Lenny Siegel (10/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Guam firefighters sue over toxic foam" Lenny Siegel (10/04/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Pocasset [MA] Groundwater Contamination Will Last Years" Lenny Siegel (10/05/19)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Managing AFFF Impacts to Subsurface Environments and Assessment of Commercially Available Fluorine-Free Foams Lenny Siegel (10/08/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Wisconsin surface water sampling Lenny Siegel (10/09/19)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Firefighting foam leaves toxic legacy in Californians’ drinking water" Lenny Siegel (10/09/19)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs: "Salina-area [KS] public bodies discuss former air base contamination" Lenny Siegel (10/09/19)

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