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[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: "Pop-up water treatment plant aims to keep chemical out of the Lake Mead" (NV) Lenny Siegel (01/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Health questions at Peterson (CO) and other Air Force Bases Lenny Siegel (01/08/18)


[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Canadian RDX research Lenny Siegel (01/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Vienna air reserve station [OH] part of EPA testing" Lenny Siegel (01/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Newburgh [NY] city residents briefed on new water filtration system" Lenny Siegel (01/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] have you researched the new F-52? see attached link to Trump's announcement Kathleen @ Villa Grace (01/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: "Search underway for unexploded ordnance in waters off Fort Pickens" (FL) Lenny Siegel (01/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Big changes for Camp Umatilla" (OR) Lenny Siegel (01/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Malmstrom Air Force Base (MT) Lenny Siegel (01/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: SERDP and ESTCP Webinar Series - Improved Methods to Evaluate Aerial Emissions and Develop Pollutant Emission Factors Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Millions of Americans Are Ingesting a Chemical Some Experts Believe Has No Safe Exposure Level" Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Perchlorate Peer Review Registration; Travel Logistics and Final Peer Reviewer Charge Questions Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Porter (IN) Nike Missile Site Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Donaldson Air Force Base, SC Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: Camp Pendleton (CA) drinking water Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "State drinking water regulators push feds on PFAS contamination" Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Navy to pay for Coupevdlle (WA) water treatment Lenny Siegel (01/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "NH delegation pushes for Pease inclusion in national health study" Lenny Siegel (01/27/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Airway Heights [WA] water contamination sampling area expanded" Lenny Siegel (01/27/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Navy Finds More Evidence of ‘Potential Data Manipulation’ in Hunters Point Shipyard [CA] Cleanup" Lenny Siegel (01/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "WWII dud bomb disposed of in Okinawa, " Japan Lenny Siegel (01/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force supplying drinking water after water well contamination detected near Reese" AFB, TX Lenny Siegel (02/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, FORMER SITES: "Former USAF radar base atop Mt. Horace Greeley, Keweenaw County" (MI) Lenny Siegel (02/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force responds to foam investigation: ‘We didn’t know’" Lenny Siegel (02/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: "The Military Wants to Dictate Private Land Use -- and Washington State Might Let It" Lenny Siegel (02/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: "Water officials respond to perchlorate-contaminated well, " Santa Clarita, CA Lenny Siegel (02/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Newburgh [NY] residents wary of filtered water" Lenny Siegel (02/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Washington state Legislature takes up bills to restrict chemicals used in firefighting foam, packaging" Lenny Siegel (02/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Cold Regions Labs (NH) talks to Richmond Middle School students Lenny Siegel (02/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Former Navy Land Transfers to Middletown," RI Lenny Siegel (02/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION, NATURAL RESOURCES: "Osprey aircraft to land on Bladen Lakes State Forest, " NC Lenny Siegel (02/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: SERDP-ESTCP Symposium 2018 - Save the Date! Lenny Siegel (02/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Residents group sues state, Navy over Bethpage [NY]contamination" Lenny Siegel (02/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] BUFFER ZONES: "State deal aids Ellsworth [AFB, SD], spawns factory, displaces tenants" Lenny Siegel (02/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Foam believed from former Wurtsmith Air Force Base [MI}plague Von Etten Lake Lenny Siegel (02/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Senate committee cross questions EPA Administrator on chemical policy" Lenny Siegel (02/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: SERDP and ESTCP Webinar Series - Biological and Abiotic Degradation of Chlorinated Solvents Lenny Siegel (02/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, CONTRACTORS: Dupont in Pompton Lake, NJ Lenny Siegel (02/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Navy needs to address other chemicals in Coupeville [WA}wells" Lenny Siegel (02/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Dayton Demands Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Respond To Water Contamination" Lenny Siegel (02/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Blades, DE drinking water contamination Lenny Siegel (02/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "The US Military Is Spending Millions to Replace Toxic Firefighting Foam with Toxic Firefighting Foam" Lenny Siegel (02/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Washington "State Senate votes to largely prohibit sale of firefighting foam ..." Lenny Siegel (02/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Delaware officials to pitch permanent fix to tainted drinking water" Lenny Siegel (02/18/18)

Re: [CPEO-MEF] Military Digest, Vol 162, Issue 9 Laura Olah (02/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, GLOBAL: "Court determines military burn pits caused lung disease in service members" Lenny Siegel (02/22/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Oregon State University to study Wurtsmith Air Force Base (MI) Lenny Siegel (02/22/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GUARD: "There could be unexploded military weapons near Green Mountain" (CO) Lenny Siegel (02/23/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, REUSE: Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot (OR) Lenny Siegel (02/23/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HOUSING: SLAPP suit over Marine Corps Base Hawaii Lenny Siegel (02/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REGULATION: The military and the National Environmental Policy Act Lenny Siegel (02/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Michigan regulator "outlines milestones" at Wurtsmith Air Force Base Lenny Siegel (02/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "3M to pay Minnesota $850M in surprise settlement over chemical disposal" Lenny Siegel (03/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: Coldwater Creek, North St. Louis County (MO) Lenny Siegel (03/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Dos Amantes, a proposed property development in Ukudu, Dededo." (GU) Lenny Siegel (03/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCS: TCE contamination at northern Lycoming County. Onion Lenny Siegel (03/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Dayton [OH]: Contaminated sites could pose risk to Mad River well fields" Lenny Siegel (03/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Low PFAS levels found in major Lake Huron drinking water system" (MI) Lenny Siegel (03/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Dayton [OH] urges communities to push Wright-Patt for action on water" Lenny Siegel (03/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: "Mount Umunhum: Big crowds, five times more than expected, flock to newly opened Bay Area summit" (CA) Lenny Siegel (03/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, MUNITIONS: Former Conway Bombing and Gunnery Range, SC Lenny Siegel (03/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs: Former Roosevelt Field, Garden City, NY Lenny Siegel (03/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Ohio EPA orders Dayton to take action on groundwater concerns Lenny Siegel (03/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "The bombing of Kaho'olawe [HI] went on for decades. The clean-up will last generations" Lenny Siegel (03/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: New extraction well at Kirkland Air Force Base (NM) Lenny Siegel (03/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, GLOBAL: Eight chemical munitions destroyed on Panama’s San Jose Island. Lenny Siegel (03/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Former ranges at Fort Rucker, AL Lenny Siegel (03/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Horsham applies for open space from U.S. Navy" at Willow Grove, PA Lenny Siegel (03/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Looking towards the future at [former Chanute Air Force Base, IL]" Lenny Siegel (03/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Former "KI Sawyer [Air Force Base, MI] water clear of contaminants" Lenny Siegel (03/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, CONTRACTORS: "Court: Bethpage [NY] Water District filed contamination suit too late" Lenny Siegel (03/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES: "Vandenberg [Air Force Base, CA] closes sections of beaches for Western Snowy Plover" Lenny Siegel (03/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: "Meetings called to update public about last days of Whittaker-Bermite cleanup, " Santa Clarita, CA Lenny Siegel (03/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Hanford, Washington cleanup technologies Lenny Siegel (03/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "As US Military Flies Overhead, Okinawa [Japan] Residents Live Under a Cloud of Fear" Lenny Siegel (03/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GUARD: "Utah Army National Guard reduces risk and restores Wood Hollow for future use" Lenny Siegel (03/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Sugar Grove (WV) Navy facility to become a substance abuse treatment center Lenny Siegel (03/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: ITRC Training March 22 - Geophysical Classification for Munitions Response Lenny Siegel (03/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE:San Bernardino International Airport at former Norton Air Force Base (CA) Lenny Siegel (03/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: ITRC is thrilled to release three new PFAS fact sheets! Lenny Siegel (03/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, CONTRACTORS: "Pollution still making us sick, Tucson south-siders tell Air Force" Lenny Siegel (03/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RANGES: "Hawaii Guard’s $800K warehouse newest upgrade to Big Island live-fire range" Lenny Siegel (04/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] SMALL ARMS: Border Patrol shooting range, Nogales, Arizona Lenny Siegel (04/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Newburgh's (NY) water crisis Lenny Siegel (04/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Oscoda [Michigan] group wants more state action on PFAS contamination Lenny Siegel (04/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FORMER SITES: 91 Spring Valley, DC homes face screening Lenny Siegel (04/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Hampshire communities "trying to determine scope of PFOA contamination" Lenny Siegel (04/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Navy’s Red Hill [HI] Analysis Concerns Environmental Regulators" Lenny Siegel (04/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "San Francisco [CA] accepted Hunters Point shipyard land that may still be radioactive" Lenny Siegel (04/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force asking Congress how to reimburse communities for water contamination" Lenny Siegel (04/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force Announces New Cleanup Projects at Pease" (NH) Lenny Siegel (04/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Fish advisories issued for Michigan lakes, river impacted by PFAS contamination" Lenny Siegel (04/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fairbanks (AK) "Airport to Connect Homes to College Utilities In Response to Groundwater Contamination" Lenny Siegel (04/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Atlantic Outlying Landing Field (NC) Lenny Siegel (04/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Michigan fish advisories Lenny Siegel (04/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Report on Willow Grove (PA)meeting Lenny Siegel (04/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, MUNITIONS: "The Vietnam War Is Over. The Bombs Remain." Lenny Siegel (04/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: "Bill protecting military airspace passed by [Oklahoma] Legislature" Lenny Siegel (04/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PFAS foam used at Ford Airport [MI] uphill from homes" Lenny Siegel (04/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "A century after WWI, munitions still making way onto beaches" Lenny Siegel (04/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Camp Fannin, TX Lenny Siegel (04/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Hawaii judge orders UXO cleanup plan for Army training range on Big Island" Lenny Siegel (04/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: "Science Experts Tell EPA to Regulate Toxic Perchlorate" Lenny Siegel (04/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Washington [State] bans firefighting chemicals that may cause cancer" Lenny Siegel (04/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Munitions search off Makua Beach [Oahu, HI] raises concern over ordnance disposal" Lenny Siegel (04/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: GenX from Chemours plant, Cumberland County, North Carolina Lenny Siegel (04/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Joe E. Mann Reserve Center (WA) Lenny Siegel (04/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Former Conway Bombing and Gunnery Range (SC) Lenny Siegel (04/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Griffiss Air Force Base (NY) Lenny Siegel (04/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Final season of asbestos cleanup underway at North Ridge Estates (OR) Lenny Siegel (04/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Battle Creek Air National Guard Base to test for PFAS contamination" Lenny Siegel (04/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Ft. Rousseau (Sitka, AK) Lenny Siegel (04/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: ITRC Releases Newest Guidance on Quality Considerations for Multiple Aspects of Munitions Response Sites Lenny Siegel (04/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] "Richmond [CA] Successfully Resolves Point Molate Litigation" Lenny Siegel (04/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Fear and fury in Michigan town where [Wurtsmith Air Force Base] contaminated water" Lenny Siegel (04/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "No injuries or external contamination detected from incident at DOE-Idaho Site" Lenny Siegel (04/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "DoD: At least 126 bases report water contaminants linked to cancer, birth defects" Lenny Siegel (04/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: "Lalamilo Housing Phase 2A project continues dormant in Waimea" Lenny Siegel (04/27/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Soil issues at former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, CA Lenny Siegel (04/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "More Money Needed for" Guard base cleanup Lenny Siegel (04/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "More testing sought for contaminants near Selfridge Air Base, " MI Lenny Siegel (05/01/18)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, REUSE: "Uijeongbu city [South Korea] demands defense ministry examine soil contamination at ex-US military base site" Lenny Siegel (05/01/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Navy: Radium in Bethpage [NY] groundwater likely naturally occurring" Lenny Siegel (05/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force to pay nearly $1M to clean up contamination, provide drinking water" near Peterson AFB, CO Lenny Siegel (05/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, RADIATION: Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (CA) site characterization fraud Lenny Siegel (05/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Registry Act proposed Lenny Siegel (05/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Vapor intrusion sampling in Brighton, Michigan Lenny Siegel (05/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: Former Brush Beryllium site near Luckey, OH Lenny Siegel (05/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] "Victims of Camp Lejeune [NC] water contamination share their stories" Lenny Siegel (05/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] AIR SAFETY: "Explosions and Crashes: Military Aircraft Are a Threat to US Civilians" Lenny Siegel (05/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Congress Aims to Force Pentagon Reform on Open Burning of Munitions" Lenny Siegel (05/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: Former Wurtsmith Air Force Base (MI) RAB meeting Lenny Siegel (05/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "N-Sea set to clear WWII UXOs as part of Viking Link project" Lenny Siegel (05/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Navy providing some residents with water due to contamination" from Ault Field (WA) Lenny Siegel (05/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, VOCs: Former Air Force Radar Tracking Station, Bucks Harbor, ME Lenny Siegel (05/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "SERDP and ESTCP are continuing research and demonstrations..." Lenny Siegel (05/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: "Get an Inside Look at the Department of Defense’s Struggle to Fix Pollution at More Than 39,000 Sites" Lenny Siegel (05/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Old Alameda [CA] Base Expects To Churn Out Jobs" Lenny Siegel (05/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "DOE Upgrades Water Treatment System at Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant" (KY) Lenny Siegel (05/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "White House, EPA headed off chemical pollution study" Lenny Siegel (05/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Former K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base [MI] tested for water and soil contamination" Lenny Siegel (05/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Congressman: "Navy should take over treatment at closed Bethpage [NY] wells" Lenny Siegel (05/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Martinsburg [WV] OK's federal claim in water contamination case" Lenny Siegel (05/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: "Residents near Jockey’s Ridge [NC} receive ‘explosive’ Army letter" Lenny Siegel (05/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOTA: "Violations of Plover-Protection Rules at Surf Beach Creeping Toward Limit , " Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA Lenny Siegel (05/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Officials say, speed up Sunflower ammo plant cleanup , " Johnson County, Kansas Lenny Siegel (05/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT, ENERGY: "Oil exploration could hamper military operations, former Naval Station Norfolk [VA] commander says" Lenny Siegel (05/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, MUNITIONS: Weapon dumps off South Carolina Lenny Siegel (05/23/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Contaminated water found at South Davis Park in Fairbanks" (AK) Lenny Siegel (05/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Cancer-causing chemicals on military bases Lenny Siegel (05/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Army completes unexploded ordnance search off Makua Beach, " HI Lenny Siegel (05/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, BERYLLIUM: Environmental cleanup begins at Brush Beryllium Co. (OH) Lenny Siegel (05/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "USGS reviewing progress of cleanup at former Badger ammunition plant" (WI) Lenny Siegel (05/27/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs, MUNITIONS: Former Nebraska Ordnance Plant Lenny Siegel (05/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Joint Base Cape Cod (MA) "water samples show contamination" Lenny Siegel (05/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Michigan lobbies for nationwide PFAS rules at EPA summit Lenny Siegel (05/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Unexploded danger lies beneath sand, waters of off-limits Browns Island"(NC) Lenny Siegel (05/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] WASTEWATER: "Air Force Must Test For Soil Contamination Around Controversial Pipeline" at Joint Base San Antonio (TX) Lenny Siegel (05/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, MUNITIONS: Fort Custer (MI) "Hidden Hazards" Lenny Siegel (05/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: "Supreme Court won't hear $750 million Fort Detrick [MD] contamination death lawsuit" Lenny Siegel (05/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: SERDP-ESTCP Symposium 2018 - Registration now open! Lenny Siegel (05/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Fraud. Bribery. Incompetence. The military’s use of contractors adds to a legacy of environmental damage. Ernest R Docs (06/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Inside Look at the Department of Defense’s Struggle to Fix Pollution at More Than 39,000 Sites Ernest R Docs (06/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] The U.S. military is spending billions to clean up drinking water contaminated with toxic firefighting foam. Ernest R Docs (06/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] LEAD, GLOBAL: Lead paint a concern to Army family, Naples, Italy Lenny Siegel (06/03/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "State agencies continue investigating PFAS contamination at Rutland-Southern Vermont Airport" Lenny Siegel (06/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Bucks and Montco towns [PA] with water contamination chosen for blood testing" Lenny Siegel (06/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Billions of Hanford [WA] dollars will stay separate under defense bill" Lenny Siegel (06/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "[Boeing worker] Blames Dow Solvent for His Parkinson’s Disease" Lenny Siegel (06/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOLABS: "Fort Detrick [MD] sterilization plant under repair after leak detected; lab activities stopped temporarily" Lenny Siegel (06/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Blood testing near Peterson Air Force Base (CO) Lenny Siegel (06/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2018 - Abstracts Due July 1! Lenny Siegel (06/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: A Congressional campaign issue Lenny Siegel (06/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: ESTCP Installation Energy and Water Updates - June 2018 Lenny Siegel (06/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: ATSDR releases draft Toxicological Profile for Perfluoroalkyls Lenny Siegel (06/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "State will test developed portion of Hunters Point Shipyard [CA], but critics say it won’t be enough" Lenny Siegel (06/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: *REMINDER* SERDP and ESTCP Webinar Series: Managing Sites Impacted by 1, 4-Dioxane: New Developments in Molecular Tools and Conceptual Site Models Lenny Siegel (06/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: West Virginia Republican Senator obtains funding for cleanup Lenny Siegel (06/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Searchable database of Defense facilities Lenny Siegel (06/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS "Fountain [CO] unveils new groundwater treatment facility" Lenny Siegel (07/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] NOISE, CLEANUP: "Flint Hills Regional Council to study contamination, Fort Riley [KS] noise" Lenny Siegel (07/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "EPA and State Action to Regulate PFAS in Drinking Water Imposes Potentially Significant Costs on Water Systems" Lenny Siegel (07/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: The legacy of firefighting foam use at Grayling Army Airfield (MI) Lenny Siegel (07/03/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: Rally at former Wurtsmith Air Force Base (MI) RAB meeting Lenny Siegel (07/03/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL, COAST GUARD: Contamination at Cove Point Lighthouse (MD) Lenny Siegel (07/03/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT, ENERGY: Oklahoma wind turbine restrictions enacted Lenny Siegel (07/03/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS: "U.S. resumes destroying obsolete chemical weapons in Colorado" Lenny Siegel (07/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, CONTRACTORS: New Exposé - "Until We’re Dead and Gone" - Santa Susana Field Laboratory (CA) Lenny Siegel (07/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (AZ) Lenny Siegel (07/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Ft. Monmouth "base quarters are now single family homes going for $750K" Lenny Siegel (07/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, WORKERS: Work crews exposed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (NM) Lenny Siegel (07/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Prescribed burn season at Fort Ord (CA) Lenny Siegel (07/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, FORMER SITES: "Coldwater Creek contamination may raise the risk of cancer in north St. Louis County [MO] residents" Lenny Siegel (07/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: "Why women were told 'Don't get pregnant at George Air Force Base'" (CA) Lenny Siegel (07/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "How the EPA and the Pentagon Downplayed a Growing Toxic Threat" Lenny Siegel (07/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CONTRACTORS: NEW Exposé - L.A. County Terminates Toxic Trails Lenny Siegel (07/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] IN MEMORIAM, CHEMWEAPONS: "Pueblo [CO] loses an environmental champion: Ross Vincent" Lenny Siegel (07/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "New York sues 3M, five others over toxic chemical contamination" Lenny Siegel (07/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "All known PFAS sites in Michigan" Lenny Siegel (07/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL, PESTICIDES, FORMER SITES: Army Corps halts cleanup near Birch Lake (AK) Lenny Siegel (07/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: "Residents near Badger Army Ammunition Plant [WI] want more done as Baldwin pushes Army on cleanup" Lenny Siegel (07/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, BERYLLIUM, FORMER SITES: Luckey site, Luckey, Ohio Lenny Siegel (07/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Possible cancer cluster at Patrick Air Force Base (FL) Lenny Siegel (07/11/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pensacola utility sues manufacturers Lenny Siegel (07/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: "Unexploded shells may be under Nantucket [MA] land" Lenny Siegel (07/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Airway Heights [WA] water worse than feared" Lenny Siegel (07/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "3 Rochester [NH] monitoring wells show PFAS contamination" Lenny Siegel (07/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "NAS Jacksonville [FL]: Drinking water supply safe, not connected to contaminated water wells" Lenny Siegel (07/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Groundwater contamination at the New Cassel Industrial Area, Long Island, New York Lenny Siegel (07/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, CLOSURE: Brunswick Landing (ME) sewer pipes Lenny Siegel (07/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Recognizing the Potential for PFAS at OB/OD Munitions Disposal Sites Laura Olah (07/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "DOD: ‘Too early’ to say whether it will lower PFAS numbers at bases" Lenny Siegel (07/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] TCE at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School, Worcester, Massachusetts Lenny Siegel (07/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Senator wants Wright-Pattersons town halls Lenny Siegel (07/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: U.S. Naval Ordnance Test Station, Pasadena, CA Lenny Siegel (07/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Former Camp Breckinridge (KY) Lenny Siegel (07/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "DoD report confirms Stewart Air Base [NY] contamination" Lenny Siegel (07/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "North metro Denver [CO] groundwater contaminated with PFCs is flowing into a drinking-water system that supplies 50, 000 residents" Lenny Siegel (07/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Santa Clarita Valley (CA) "Water fined for Santa Clara River pollution violations" Lenny Siegel (07/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Lawsuit calls for additional research into safety at Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge" (CO) Lenny Siegel (07/23/18)


[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: "Military practice bombs found at elementary school site, " San Diego, CA Lenny Siegel (07/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, BERYLLIUM, RADIATION: "Luckey (OH) Beryllium clean-up to cost taxpayers $244 million" Lenny Siegel (07/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Selfridge air base [MI] is pouring PFAS into Lake St. Clair" Lenny Siegel (07/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Reports show MDEQ [Michigan Department of Environmental Quality] knew of PFAS dangers six years ago" Lenny Siegel (07/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Feds meet with Montco, Bucks [PA} residents on water contamination at bases" Lenny Siegel (07/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Military: No Chemical Tests for Fish Near PA/NJ bases Tracy Carluccio (07/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Internal studies and other documents show that 3M knew by the 1970s that PFOA and PFOS were toxic and accumulating in people's blood." Lenny Siegel (07/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Delayed discovery, dissemination, and decisions on intervention in environmental health" Lenny Siegel (07/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "Army says workers in Germany exposed to toxic cadmium last year" Lenny Siegel (08/01/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "New Pease Water Plant" (NH) Lenny Siegel (08/01/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Navy failed to alert San Francisco [CA] to tainted shipyard water, documents show" Lenny Siegel (08/03/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, HEALTH: "Wurtsmith [Air Force] base [MI] water may have caused veteran cancers" Lenny Siegel (08/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Battle Creek (MI) Air National Guard Lenny Siegel (08/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "New Tech Scrubs PFAS Contamination From Groundwater At Pease" (NH) Lenny Siegel (08/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Army to up well testing near old Badger plant..." (WI) Lenny Siegel (08/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Former navy property, Bedford, MA Lenny Siegel (08/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Vint Hill [VA] Economic Development Authority has gone out of business." Lenny Siegel (08/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, VETERANS: "VA officials push back on Congress’ blue water Navy benefits fix" Lenny Siegel (08/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Lenny Siegel (08/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: SERDP and ESTCP Webinar Series: Sediment Volume Search Sonar Development Lenny Siegel (08/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Martinsburg [WV] to pursue federal lawsuit for water contamination" Lenny Siegel (08/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Engineered Cleanup Technologies Achieve Major Milestones At Kirtland Air Force Base" (NM) Lenny Siegel (08/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, HEALTH: "Federal health officials agree radioactive waste in St. Louis area may be linked to cancer" Lenny Siegel (08/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: New Orleans (LA) "diverted $40M away from old Navy base" Lenny Siegel (08/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Widely used chemicals detected in two Madison [WI] wells" Lenny Siegel (08/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: Environmental change increases the risk from unexploded ordnance Lenny Siegel (08/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Colorado residents want protective drinking water standards Lenny Siegel (08/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] DETENTION CENTERS: "Texas Migrant Detention Centers Probed for Toxic Waste Threats" Lenny Siegel (08/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Guam "Jet fuel spill wasn't reported for months" Lenny Siegel (08/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, PRESERVATION: Ft. Hancock (NJ) Lenny Siegel (08/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, DIOXANE: "Town of Marana Developing Plans to Treat Contaminated Water" Lenny Siegel (08/20/18)

Re: [CPEO-MEF] Military Digest, Vol 168, Issue 10 Larry Menkes (08/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Oscoda [MI] PFAS plumes force new school water supply" Lenny Siegel (08/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "State tells Hanford ‘no.’ Stabilizing the radioactive waste tunnel must wait Lenny Siegel (08/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] LEAD: "Children poisoned by lead on U.S. Army bases as hazards go ignored" Lenny Siegel (08/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES: SERDP and ESTCP Webinar Series: Informing Restoration Programs for Threatened and Endangered Plant Species Lenny Siegel (08/23/18)

[CPEO-MEF] LEAD, HOUSING: Lenny Siegel (08/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "EPA blasts Navy for plan to retest soil at former" Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco, CA Lenny Siegel (08/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Great Lakes States Follow Michigan’s PFAS lead" Lenny Siegel (08/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] DISPOSAL: "Air Force left hazardous waste in Idaho landfill - and needs to fix it, lawsuit says" Lenny Siegel (08/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] LEAD, HOUSING: Elevated levels of lead found in child’s blood at [F.E. Warren] Wyoming Air Force base" Lenny Siegel (08/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] LEAD, HOUSING: "U.S. senators seek review of lead in military housing..." Lenny Siegel (08/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: "Navy secures restrictive easement for 2, 800 acres along Hood Canal's eastern shoreline" (WA) Lenny Siegel (08/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Bethpage (NY) Navy-Grumman plume Lenny Siegel (08/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Alameda Point (CA) Lenny Siegel (08/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Proposed Rule on Scientific Data, Christine Ziebold (08/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Bipartisan Senate legislation Lenny Siegel (08/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Final IRIS Assessment for RDX Lenny Siegel (08/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Contamination from Joint Base Cape Cod (MA) has flowed into neighboring water supplies. Lenny Siegel (08/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Business plans to build $1.5M facility near Kearney Regional Airport" (NE) Lenny Siegel (08/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Class of chemicals under growing scrutiny detected at four military sites in Wisconsin" Lenny Siegel (08/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton (WA) sewage spill Lenny Siegel (08/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, VETERANS: "Lawmaker presses for quicker action to help military clean-up crews of 1966 nuclear accident" in Spain Lenny Siegel (09/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Plant to begin treating PFAS contaminated groundwater [near Wurtsmith AFB] in Oscoda" (MI) Lenny Siegel (09/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] .mil e-mail problems Lenny Siegel (09/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, VETERANS: "Veterans 'likely' drank PFAS at Wurtsmith air base" (MI) Lenny Siegel (09/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Unexploded ordnance removal in Waikoloa Village (HI) Lenny Siegel (09/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: LSD dumping charged at Camp Hero (NY) Lenny Siegel (09/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2018 - Register Today! Lenny Siegel (09/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MERCURY, PERCHLORATE: Los Alamos National Laboratory water monitoring Lenny Siegel (09/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: "Groton submarine base [CT] to get microgram" Lenny Siegel (09/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Zürich Statement on Future Actions on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) Christine Ziebold (09/13/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Radioactive object found near homes at Hunters Point shipyard" (CA) Lenny Siegel (09/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "EPA urged to set national, enforceable standard for PFAS in drinking water" Lenny Siegel (09/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: "Residents seek help from Portsmouth [RI] Town Council in Navy fence flap" Lenny Siegel (09/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Korean investors buy former Fort Ritchie [MD] for $6 million" Lenny Siegel (09/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle show concern about PFAS water contamination crisis at hearing" Lenny Siegel (09/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Former Calumet Radar Base on Mt. Horace Greeley, MI Lenny Siegel (09/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, MUNITIONS: "Chemours sues Army over World War II munitions site contamination" (MN) Lenny Siegel (09/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Hoosick Falls [NY] Residents Seek Inclusion In Federal Study" Lenny Siegel (09/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, REUSE: "Air Force to pay Portsmouth $14M for water treatment" at former Pease AFB (NH) Lenny Siegel (09/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REALIGNMENT, GLOBAL: "Campaign starts in Okinawa, centered on U.S. base relocation" Lenny Siegel (09/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] File under category "Undermining progress towards clean drinking water regulations" Tracy Carluccio (09/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "States Move on PFOA Standards While EPA Lags" Lenny Siegel (09/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "U.S. Navy Favors Lowest-Cost Fix for Red Hill Fuel Tanks" (HI) Lenny Siegel (09/21/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Sampling at Badger Ammo Plant (WI) Lenny Siegel (09/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Brunswick [ME] approves $800K in spending for former base redevelopment" Lenny Siegel (09/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CPEO/PSC Needs Help – Again – Really! Lenny Siegel (09/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL, SHIPS, GLOBAL: "U.S. Navy Salvors Remove Oil from A-Bomb Test Ship" Lenny Siegel (09/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Unexploded ordnance from ‘50s discovered on Fort Huachuca" (AZ) Lenny Siegel (09/27/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: *REMINDER* SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series: Managing Groundwater Impacts at Chlorinated Solvent Sites Lenny Siegel (10/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: GAO report: "Status of DOD Efforts to Address Drinking Water Contaminants Used in Firefighting Foam" Lenny Siegel (10/02/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, PFAS: "Contaminated water mistakenly sent to thousands of Tucson [AZ] Water customers" Lenny Siegel (10/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: "Amico 'a true hero’ in fight against PFAS" at Pease AFB, NH Lenny Siegel (10/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "What's the government doing about it [at former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, MI]? Lenny Siegel (10/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CLIMATE: "The US Defense Department is losing the battle against climate change" Lenny Siegel (10/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Kanahena Point Bombing Target area, Maui, HI Lenny Siegel (10/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "[Federal] Court sets precedent, rules Navy can be sued for PFAS claims" Lenny Siegel (10/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, ENERGY: "Dominion: Federal government should pay $13 million cost of upgrading Fort Monroe's [VA] electrical system" Lenny Siegel (10/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, REALIGNMENT: "New governor vows all-out efforts to block base move within Okinawa, " Japan Lenny Siegel (10/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOLABS: GAO: "Actions Needed to Improve Management of DOD's Biosafety and Biosecurity Program" Lenny Siegel (10/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "E-Commerce Industry’s Last Mile Needs Create New Demand for Old Warehouse Space" Lenny Siegel (10/09/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series: Restoration of Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Groundwater Sites - The Value of Information Challenge Lenny Siegel (10/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Michigan officials urge federal action on 'forever chemicals'" Lenny Siegel (10/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "U.S. Senate passes legislation allowing airports to stop using toxic firefighting foams" Lenny Siegel (10/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Underwhelming Lenny Siegel (10/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Ellsworth [ADFB, SD] identifies contaminated drinking wells near base" Lenny Siegel (10/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Air National Guard at Barnes Regional Airport (MA) Lenny Siegel (10/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES, REUSE: Former Savanna Army Depot (IL) now teems with wildlife Lenny Siegel (10/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] LIABILITY: Old Ordot Dump, Guam Lenny Siegel (10/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Former Hingham Naval Ammunition Depot (MA) Lenny Siegel (10/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "CHamoru women discuss [Guam] issues at UN" Lenny Siegel (10/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Michigan "State at odds with feds over Wurtsmith chemical contamination" Lenny Siegel (10/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Chemical contamination at Dover base [DE] 254, 000 times higher than proposed federal limit, study says" Lenny Siegel (10/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Alaska "Proposes Groundwater-contamination Cleanup Levels for PFAS-related Substances" Lenny Siegel (10/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, REUSE: "Fort Monroe [VA] could be a test case for renewable energies - if only Dominion Energy and the government could get along" Lenny Siegel (10/18/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Former K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base (MI) Lenny Siegel (10/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Former Pease Air Force Base (NH) health study Lenny Siegel (10/22/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Former Wurtsmith Air Force Base (MI) Lenny Siegel (10/22/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Hunters Point Shipyard [CA] Contamination, Cleanup and Development" Lenny Siegel (10/22/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: West Lake Landfill (MO) lawsuit Lenny Siegel (10/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: New Brighton, MN and the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plan Lenny Siegel (10/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: "Russia Updates Maps of Radioactive Debris Sunk in Arctic" Lenny Siegel (10/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Possible carcinogens found in Cannon AFB [NM] groundwater" Lenny Siegel (10/24/18)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: FY20 SERDP Solicitations - Released Lenny Siegel (10/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] DISPOSAL: Navy responds to Ordot dump lawsuit (GU) Lenny Siegel (10/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: "West Coast Military Installations Eyed for US Fuel Exports" Lenny Siegel (10/25/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Sponsored: Popular movies, TV shows zoom in on Vallejo" (former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, CA) Lenny Siegel (10/25/18)

Re: [CPEO-MEF] Vallejo, military airfields in PA, etc. Larry Menkes (10/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: "US defense secretary visits dioxin hotspot in Vietnam" Lenny Siegel (10/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, LITIGATION: "US plans to sue Hunters Point [CA] shipyard contractor accused of fraud" Lenny Siegel (10/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Do not eat deer taken near contaminated former Wurtsmith base, " MI Lenny Siegel (10/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: Mound Laboratory, Miamisburg, Ohio Lenny Siegel (10/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Ag Department money to provide clean water near Wurtsmith Air Force Base (MI) Lenny Siegel (10/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: "The US Tested Bombs on the Marshall Islands. Now, Victims Are Seeking Justice." Lenny Siegel (10/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Still No Cleanup of PFAS at [McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst] Base Two Years after Alarming Test Results, " NJ Lenny Siegel (10/31/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Navy proposes water pipeline for Chesapeake well contamination near Fentress Air Field, " VA Lenny Siegel (11/01/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Sampling for RDX at Los Alamos National Laboratory (NM) Lenny Siegel (11/05/18)


[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Officials unsure how Cannon [AFB, NM] contamination could affect ag" Lenny Siegel (11/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Navy used obsolete safety standards in shipyard cleanup, researchers say" at Hunters Point, CA Lenny Siegel (11/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PFAS Contamination on Military Bases Is A Scary Reality - And For Me, It’s Personal" Lenny Siegel (11/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Firefighting foam contaminates millions of gallons of Sioux Falls [SD] water" Lenny Siegel (11/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Toxic cleanup at Concord Naval Weapons Station [CA] doesn’t ease concerns" Lenny Siegel (11/08/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: "Dioxin contamination in Da Nang [Vietnam] more serious than expected: conference" Lenny Siegel (11/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "Court orders Environment Ministry to disclose results of contamination survey in Bupyeong US military base, " South Korea Lenny Siegel (11/12/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FIRE: Community Update on Woolsey Fire and Santa Susan Field Laboratory (CA) Lenny Siegel (11/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: "Feds open new probe into suspected military waste in South Patrick Shores [FL] area" Lenny Siegel (11/15/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Scientist: PFAS has been contaminating Michigan population for years" Lenny Siegel (11/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, PFAS, GUARD: "Newburgh’s contaminated water may go back years before PFOS issue surfaced" Lenny Siegel (11/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, VETERANS: "Court forces VA to reveal extent of veterans' contamination in Spanish nuclear disaster" Lenny Siegel (11/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "How one Maine town reinvented itself after its biggest employer [Brunswick Naval Air Station] left" Lenny Siegel (11/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Former Army Base [Fort McPherson] in south Atlanta proposed as 4-million-square-foot project" Lenny Siegel (11/16/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "200 years to go before Laos is cleared of unexploded US bombs from Vietnam war era" Lenny Siegel (11/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES: GAO report on Vietnam War-era Agent Orange exposure Lenny Siegel (11/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: Smoke Screen – Woolsey Fire Contamination Cover-up exposé Lenny Siegel (11/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: "Newburgh [NY] residents unsatisfied after PFOS meeting with military officials" Lenny Siegel (11/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES: "Veterans and Agent Orange" Update 11 Lenny Siegel (11/20/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: 12/6 Webinar on Alternatives for the Demilitarization of Conventional Munitions Lenny Siegel (11/27/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "New Mexico dairy concerned about Air Force contamination" Lenny Siegel (11/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Health officials prepare findings from blood tests of Bucks, Montco [PA] residents with contaminated water, " Lenny Siegel (11/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Residents near former Reese Air Force base [TX] still dealing with contaminated water" Lenny Siegel (11/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES: "River Projects Would Revive Flow Through Old Bogs" near Otis Air Force Base (MA) Lenny Siegel (11/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Thermal destruction of solid rocket motors, Letterkenny Munitions Center, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (11/28/18)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, CONTRACTORS: "Cancer among Bethpage [NY} family members result of Northrop Grumman toxic dumping" Lenny Siegel (11/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "First blood tests in Bucks, Montco [PA} show above-average contamination after tainted water" Lenny Siegel (11/29/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Army to probe chemical pollution at former Seneca Army Depot" (NY) Lenny Siegel (11/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pennsylvania hearing Lenny Siegel (11/30/18)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FORMER SITES: Cleaning up Spring Valley, DC Lenny Siegel (12/03/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS, GLOBAL: Generational Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War Lenny Siegel (12/04/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Private wells near Martha’s Vineyard [MA] Airport Lenny Siegel (12/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Fort Monmouth's (NJ) Tech Hub Lenny Siegel (12/05/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Mexico Environment Department accuses Cannon Air Force Base of violating Water Quality Act Lenny Siegel (12/06/18)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Most Alternative Technologies to Open Burning and Open Detonation of Conventional Waste Munitions Are Mature" Lenny Siegel (12/07/18)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: Book Release Lenny Siegel (12/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: North Charleston’s Cooper River Marina (SC) Lenny Siegel (12/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Investigation of Pocasset contamination plume underway, " Joint Base Cape Cod (MA) Lenny Siegel (12/10/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Veterans and families at former Pease Air Force Base, NH Lenny Siegel (12/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Residents have high levels of toxic chemicals" near Peterson Air Force Base (CO) Lenny Siegel (12/14/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Updates To Tucson [AZ] Water Plant Address Newly Found Contamination" Lenny Siegel (12/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] San Francisco official helped Hunters Point [CA] shipyard developer assure homebuyers Lenny Siegel (12/17/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Grayling Army Airfield (MI) Lenny Siegel (12/19/18)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, REUSE: Vapor intrusion study at former Wurtsmith Air Force Base (MI) Lenny Siegel (12/22/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Former Walker Air Force Base (NM) Lenny Siegel (12/23/18)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "County, Horry County Schools suing City of Myrtle Beach [SC] over air base redevelopment" Lenny Siegel (12/26/18)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Navy's Red Hill Bulk Storage Facility, O'ahu, HI Lenny Siegel (12/27/18)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "DoD Commits To Interim Measure To Stem PFOS Contamination In Newburgh, " NY Lenny Siegel (12/28/18)

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