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[CPEO-BIF] "Brownfield renewal" CPEO Moderator (01/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields' tax relief debated" CPEO Moderator (01/03/01)



[CPEO-BIF] Help request: GIS support for Brownfield Initiatives CPEO Moderator (01/05/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Managing Environmental Challenges on Your Project trina.villanueva (01/17/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Lake County, Indiana, Community Impact Report Lenny Siegel (01/19/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields Law Called toothless" CPEO Moderator (01/22/01)

[CPEO-BIF] STUDY FINDS OHIO’S “brownfield” CLEAN-UP PR CPEO Moderator (01/22/01)

[CPEO-BIF] ICMA 2001 Brownfields Peer Exchange Applications Available CPEO Moderator (01/24/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "City may cough up cash to clean up" CPEO Moderator (01/29/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields Information on the Programs of EPA and Selected States CPEO Moderator (01/29/01)

[CPEO-BIF] State Brownfield Legislation sgardner (02/01/01)

[CPEO-BIF] State Supreme Court says insurance company don't have to pay client CPEO Moderator (02/02/01)

RE: [CPEO-BIF] Digest for cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com, issue 171 jlyou (02/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA Public Involvement Policy Lenny Siegel (02/05/01)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA loan being used to turn ex-dump into athletic fields CPEO Moderator (02/07/01)

[CPEO-BIF] (repost)EPA loan being used to turn ex-dump into athletic fields CPEO Moderator (02/07/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Bush, environmentalists agree: clean up brownfields CPEO Moderator (02/07/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Midway Tests Show No Threat from Toxics CPEO Moderator (02/08/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Proposal would divert industrial property taxes to fund harbor cle CPEO Moderator (02/09/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Fwd: Brownfields Summit mosley-rovi (02/12/01)


[CPEO-BIF] Senate Brownfields Bill reintroduced Lenny Siegel (02/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] S. 350 Section by Section Lenny Siegel (02/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Summary of S. 350 - the Senate Brownfields Bill Lenny Siegel (02/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Brownfield site generates plenty of green" CPEO Moderator (02/20/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Urban villages' sprout in St. Paul" CPEO Moderator (02/22/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Interactive Health Ecology Access Links Update msjones (02/23/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields widespread, confidential Ohio industrial pollution lis CPEO Moderator (02/26/01)

Re: [CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields widespread, confidential Lenny Siegel (02/26/01)

RE: [CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields widespread, confidential Ohio industrialpollution li willis-frances.ren (02/27/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields 2001 call for presentations CPEO Moderator (02/27/01)

[CPEO-BIF] DTSC Urban Cleanup Loan Programs Rescheduled CPEO Moderator (02/27/01)

RE: [CPEO-BIF] Digest for cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com, issue 183 willis-frances.ren (02/28/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Hearing on S. 350, Brownfields Revitalization and Environmental Res CPEO Moderator (02/28/01)

Re: [CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields widespread, confidential Ohio industrialpollution susanneumanesq (02/28/01)

Re: (repost)[CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields widespread, confidential Ohio industrialpoll jessedrp (02/28/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields and the public Lenny Siegel (02/28/01)

RE: [CPEO-BIF] "Brownfields widespread, confidential Ohio industrialpollution rst (03/01/01)

RE: [CPEO-BIF] Digest for cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com, issue 185 willis-frances.ren (03/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Province to Introduce Legislation that promotes cleaner, healthier CPEO Moderator (03/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Additional background info for MAH Brownfields legislation CPEO Moderator (03/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Concerns remain over $400 million cleanup, preservation program" CPEO Moderator (03/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfield Legislation LSchnapf (03/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] California's Site Data Base Lenny Siegel (03/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] CUED 2001 Brownfields Workshops CPEO Moderator (03/05/01)

[CPEO-BIF] North Hartford Community Impact Exercise Lenny Siegel (03/06/01)

[CPEO-BIF] CPEO updates eight Technology Tree descriptions CPEO Moderator (03/06/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields legislation in Kentucky CPEO Moderator (03/08/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Mill fits nicely into brownfield project, city planner says" CPEO Moderator (03/08/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "A Smarter Partnership: Removing Barriers to Brownfields Cleanups S CPEO Moderator (03/08/01)

[CPEO-BIF] S. 350 Backed by Environment Committee Lenny Siegel (03/09/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Redeveloping Brownfields with Federal Transportation Funds CPEO Moderator (03/09/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Phase I Assessment Workshop in Chico, CA CPEO Moderator (03/09/01)

[CPEO-BIF] U.S. Sen. Reid supports reviving abandoned industrial sites CPEO Moderator (03/13/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "The Role of Local Governments in Long-Term Stewardship at DOE Faci CPEO Moderator (03/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] New report: The Role of Local Governments in Long-TermStewardship at seeger (03/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] comments on Draft 2000 Final Public Involvement Policy Lenny Siegel (03/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Study: Schools Built on Unsafe Land CPEO Moderator (03/20/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "District OKs study of former weapons plant for food center" CPEO Moderator (03/20/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "LA Railyard to become State Park" CPEO Moderator (03/21/01)

[CPEO-BIF] The Role of Local Governments in Long-Term Stewardship StellaVB (03/23/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Emeryville Scores Important Victory in Brownfield Redevelopment Leg CPEO Moderator (03/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Conferences? ohsc2 (03/28/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields Technology Primer: Requesting and Evaluating Proposals CPEO Moderator (04/09/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "IDEM knew of toxic wastes" CPEO Moderator (04/10/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Call for Brownfields 2001 Presentations deadline is April 20,2001 CPEO Moderator (04/10/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Santa Ana School Districts Reject Tustin's Offer of Alleged Lethall CPEO Moderator (04/12/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "State creates new insurance for brownfields cleanup" CPEO Moderator (04/13/01)


[CPEO-BIF] ICMA Travel Scholarships for Brownfields 2001 CPEO Moderator (04/13/01)

FW: [CPEO-BIF] "State creates new insurance for brownfields clean up" FNETT (04/13/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Wisconsin Insurance Program LSchnapf (04/13/01)

[CPEO-BIF] CCLR@Great Valley Center Annual Conference Cathy Keith (04/19/01)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA Administrator Whitman Announces $38 Million to make abandoned p CPEO Moderator (04/20/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Arsenic Found Near Sacramento Homes" CPEO Moderator (04/24/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Additional background info about Sacramento's old railway propertie CPEO Moderator (04/24/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields 2001 Presentations deadline extended to April 27, 2001 CPEO Moderator (04/25/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Senate Oks Bill to Clean Up Sites" CPEO Moderator (04/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Environmental Justice Issues Force Cement Plant to Close" CPEO Moderator (04/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Supreme Court Limits Scope of a Main Civil Rights Law" CPEO Moderator (04/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] PR: Senate Approves Brownfields Bill CPEO Moderator (04/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] How does the Supreme Court Decision affect the Camden, NJ Title VI Tony Chenhansa (04/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey Environmental Justice Opinion and Effect of U.S. Supreme dgraham (04/26/01)

RE: [CPEO-BIF] How does the Supreme Court Decision affect the Camden, NJ Title Tony Chenhansa (04/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] New schools, communities & brownfields atom (05/01/01)

[CPEO-BIF] California brownfields sites lokamura (05/01/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Questions and concerns? rgfp (05/03/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Worker Health and Safety TJones (05/04/01)

RE: [CPEO-BIF] Digest for cpeo-brownfields@igc.topica.com, issue 210 willis-frances.ren (05/07/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Arizona Program Development willis-frances.ren (05/07/01)

Re: [CPEO-BIF] Cherry vs. Inner City Sites jhernandez (05/07/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Upcoming Brownfields Conferences sponsored by Wildlife Habitat Coun CPEO Moderator (05/07/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields Redevelopment Workshop - Los Angeles; May 31, 2001 Cathy Keith (05/10/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Parks & brownfields atom (05/10/01)

[CPEO-BIF] The 2001 Phoenix Awards Program CPEO Moderator (05/10/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Community Environmental Health Assessments Lenny Siegel (05/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Project profile: Illinois community responds to redevelopment chal CPEO Moderator (05/17/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Emissions Questioned at Redeveloped "MEW" Superfund Site Lenny Siegel (05/24/01)

[CPEO-BIF] community redevelopment sites taylor (05/29/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Olympic site not alone in needing a cleanup" CPEO Moderator (05/29/01)

[CPEO-BIF] ICMA Calls for Applicants to the Brownfield 2001 Travel Scholarship CPEO Moderator (06/04/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Officials seek fix for state's underused brownfield fund" CPEO Moderator (06/12/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "New commercial development may come from Brownfields" CPEO Moderator (06/12/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Internet Dialogue on Public Involvement CPEO Moderator (06/13/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "House approves bill to create Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund" CPEO Moderator (06/13/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Please post - Brownfields Redevelopment workshop June 28th in Sacra Cathy Keith (06/14/01)

[CPEO-BIF] ICMA Publishes Guidebook for Local Governments and Communities to D CPEO Moderator (06/18/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Public Involvement in EPA Decisions--Online Dialogue lauriem (06/22/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Mississippi Statewide Environmental Justice Summit CPEO Moderator (06/29/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Reuse Assessments: A Tool to Implement the Superfund Land Use Direc CPEO Moderator (07/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Experience with Cherokee Environmental? Lenny Siegel (07/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Belvedere Fund Lenny Siegel (07/10/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Belvedere Lenny Siegel (07/11/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Position Announcement: Community Economic Development Specialist CPEO Moderator (07/11/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Position announcement: Policy Analyst CPEO Moderator (07/11/01)

[CPEO-BIF] pave and wave projects cdriscoll (07/18/01)

[CPEO-BIF] (no subject) LSchnapf (07/19/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "Plan to redevelop industrial sites slow to attract business" CPEO Moderator (07/23/01)

[CPEO-BIF] "New Riverfront Condo Site is on Toxic Land" CPEO Moderator (07/30/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Taft signs environmental bonding bill providing greenspace/brownfie CPEO Moderator (07/30/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Query for the brownfields list CPEO Moderator (08/01/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Marasco Newton Group Awarded Contract to Provide Brownfields Analyt CPEO Moderator (08/14/01)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA to consult public on Upjohn cleanup CPEO Moderator (08/16/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Whitman Re-Affirms EJ Commitment Lenny Siegel (08/22/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Whitman Announces $4 Million Pilot Project To Clean up Underground CPEO Moderator (08/28/01)


[CPEO-BIF] EPA Announces $2 Million for BF Job Training CPEO Moderator (08/30/01)


[CPEO-BIF] CPEO has a Washington DC location CPEO Moderator (08/31/01)

Do-It-Yourself E-Newsletters NewsGoodies E-Newsletter Service (09/08/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Caucus meetings planned at BF2001 Lenny Siegel (09/10/01)

[CPEO-BIF] House to Focus on Brownfields CPEO Moderator (09/12/01)

[CPEO-BIF] House Brownfields Bill Available Electronically CPEO Moderator (09/12/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields 2001 proceeding as scheduled for 9/24-26-01 CPEO Moderator (09/20/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields 2001 Proceeding as Planned CPEO Moderator (09/20/01)

[CPEO-BIF] EJ/Community Caucus Reminder Lenny Siegel (09/21/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields Update CPEO Moderator (09/24/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Horinko confirmed Lenny Siegel (10/02/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields legislation "pulled" Lenny Siegel (10/04/01)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA plans IC tracking survey Lenny Siegel (10/05/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Erie Complex wins Phoenix Grand Prize Lenny Siegel (10/05/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Help Set Environmental Tech Priorities CPEO Moderator (10/12/01)

[CPEO-BIF] CPEO Headquarters Moves To DC CPEO Moderator (10/15/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Job Opening at CPEO CPEO Moderator (10/17/01)

[CPEO-BIF] BROWNFIELD WORKSHOP: Redevelop your Polluted Properties and Revitaliz CPEO Moderator (10/30/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Next issue: Sustainable Development CPEO Moderator (11/01/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Soccer Brownfields Lenny Siegel (11/01/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Cleanup of Carmel City Center Site will be costly Center for Public Environmental Oversight (11/05/01)

[CPEO-BIF] 31 RCRA Showcase Pilots Chosen CPEO Moderator (11/19/01)

[CPEO-BIF] ICMA Announces Study Lenny Siegel (11/26/01)

[CPEO-BIF] New Partners for Smart Growth Conference CPEO Moderator (11/28/01)

[CPEO-BIF] General Brownfield Questions Chris Sappington (11/28/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Student seeking help with Brownfields CPEO Moderator (11/28/01)

[CPEO-BIF] Lenny Siegel among 31 honored for EPA Western Environmental Award CPEO Moderator (11/30/01)

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